Never Late, Never Away Chapter 264

However, he didn’t spare much time to ponder over it. Since Finnick had asked the men to stop, Fabian took the chance to untie Ashley and helped her and Emma up from the floor.

“Fabian!” Ashley rushed into Fabian’s arms and cried uncontrollably, thinking that she was safe now.

Emma couldn’t help but sob as well. Her life had flashed before her eyes when she was almost drugged earlier. The humiliation would be too much for her to bear if everyone knew that she was drugged and raped at such an old age. If that happens, Harvey might even abandon me and drive me out of the Miller family!

At the same time, Vivian was startled by the sudden turn of events. What’s going on? Why did Finnick suddenly change his mind? Did something happen? Or could it be that he didn’t have the heart to do it?

As Finnick looked stone-faced, no one could ascertain his emotions. After a while, he glanced at Vivian and said in a low and seemingly apologetic voice, “I’m sorry. I’m afraid that I can’t punish Ashley anymore.”

Is Finnick saying that he’ll let Ashley and Emma off the hook?

Vivian was rather confused. Why did Finnick look completely different right after Noah answered a phone call?

On the other hand, Finnick also noticed the changes on Vivian’s face. Despite that, he really couldn’t torture Ashley anymore.

He held her hand gently and added, “Vivian, I’ll explain to you later.”

When Noah told Finnick the news earlier, Finnick couldn’t believe his ears. He never expected that it was actually her.

Turning towards Noah, Finnick instructed him, “Let them go. You’ll stay here to take care of Mrs. Norton, send her home, and come meet me after.”

The moment Fabian heard Finnick’s words, he immediately brought Ashley and Emma to leave the place.

Finnick also left the room hurriedly.

It was rather cold in the storage room. However, Vivian felt that the temperature seemed to drop sharply the moment Finnick left with Ashley and the rest.

She couldn’t believe that Finnick abandoned her and left with Ashley.

Just as she was lost in thought, Noah came over and said to Vivian, “Let’s go, Mrs. Norton. I’ll send you home.”

Vivian finally snapped out of her daze and nodded in response.

On their way home, she couldn’t help but ask, “Noah, why did Finnick’s attitude change all of a sudden and decided to let go of Ashley and Emma?”

“Well…” Stammering, Noah gave her a vague answer. “Mrs. Norton, please don’t put me in a tight spot. You should ask Mr. Norton once he comes home.”

Since Noah didn’t want to talk about it, Vivian reckoned that things were not so simple and that it may involve Finnick’s privacy.

Even though she didn’t really wish to see Ashley being tortured, she was curious about what happened to Finnick. She was stumped by Finnick’s actions and she felt increasingly anxious about the possible turn of events.

Will Finnick abandon me just like how Fabian did to me?

As much as she understood that her thought was ridiculous, she really cared about Finnick. Given that she had lost Fabian, she would never allow someone else to take Finnick away from her.

With so many questions in her mind, Vivian waited impatiently at home alone. However, because Finnick didn’t call her, she had no idea when he would be back.

At night, after the housemaid prepared dinner, Vivian permitted her to leave.

When she browsed the internet, she realized that news and headlines about Ashley’s scandals were widely circulated online. Given that no one in Sunshine City could instruct every media to report about Ashley’s scandals, she believed Finnick was behind this.

She felt fortunate that Finnick was able to find out the truth behind the incident two years ago, or else she would have been the scapegoat forever. Even so, she was still hurt badly since the truth was revealed late.

When the clock on the wall showed that it was already eleven o ‘clock at night, there was still no news about Finnick. Despite her anxiousness, Vivian didn’t call him but waited alone lest she disturbed and annoyed him.

Since she felt too bored, she began to scroll on her Twitter.

Seeing that most of the comments made by netizens were to berate Ashley and Emma, she decided to log off from Twitter. Vivian felt that they had received the punishment they deserved.

Before she logged off, however, she realized that the Twitter user named “Back to the Past” read and liked her page. She decided to follow the user back because she felt that the user was rather mysterious.

Vivian then continued to surf the internet for a long time while waiting for Finnick’s return. However, after waiting through the night, Finnick was nowhere to be seen. As the entire house was empty and silent, she couldn’t help but ponder over a lot of questions.

She kept checking her phone from time to time, yet there was no WhatsApp or text message.

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