Never Late, Never Away Chapter 265

Vivian kept picking up and putting down her phone many times, wondering if she should call Finnick. She was rather worried about him. It’s so late now, did he have his dinner on time? Did he face any danger?

As Vivian was tired, she eventually fell asleep. It was already morning when she opened her eyes again.

The first thing she did was checking her phone. To her disappointment, there was still no message or news about Finnick.

Since Finnick wasn’t at home that morning, Vivian went to the magazine company early. Besides, she would have a lot of tasks to finish that day because she took a leave on the previous day.

Coincidentally, she met Fabian as soon as she arrived at the magazine company. He looked rather tired when he stepped into the building.

When Fabian saw her, he asked, “Are you alright? Did you not sleep well last night?” He could clearly see that she looked pale with dark circles under her eyes.

Vivian smiled and replied politely, “Well, I could ask the same about you.”

They fell silent for a few seconds before suddenly mentioning different names at the same time. Both of them chuckled awkwardly.



Seeing that Vivian seemed like she wanted to say something, Fabian said, “Why don’t you come to my office for a while?”

She agreed and followed him to his office.

When they arrived at his office, he made her a cup of latte, which was her favorite.

He handed the cup of coffee over to her and said, “I remember that you like this type of coffee the most.”

Vivian nodded and answered, “I’m surprised that you still remember about it.”

“Well, I have never forgotten about it.”

Vivian recalled that Fabian used to bring her to a café back then. Since coffee was rather expensive for them as students, they only ordered a cup of coffee. Nevertheless, Fabian didn’t take a sip at all but only watched her finish the cup of coffee.

He used to say, “Vivian, I will build a large café for you in the future and collect different types of coffee around the world so that you’ll be able to drink to your heart’s content. Do you like my idea?”

Back then, she merely thought that the man was joking and wasn’t aware that Fabian was actually capable of doing it.

To stop herself from reminiscing the sorrowful past, Vivian immediately changed the subject and cut straight to the point. “By the way, how’s Ashley? Where did they go? And where is Finnick?”

Fabian replied calmly, “Why the rush? Enjoy the coffee first, and I’ll explain it to you slowly. Besides, since you have a series of questions, which one should I answer first?”

Vivian was actually not in the mood to enjoy the coffee. However, since Fabian offered it to her sincerely, she decided to sit down and take a sip of it.

After a while, Fabian began to explain, “Finnick sent Emma overseas, probably to an underdeveloped and shabby country. Well, this way, she’d be able to stay away from you and she won’t be able to hurt you ever again. I think Emma got what she deserves, and all she could now is to pray that she wouldn’t have a miserable life ahead! Rest assured that since Finnick sent her overseas, he definitely won’t let her live the rest of her life in peace.”

That being said, Vivian actually didn’t care where Emma was and what she was doing. Instead, she only wanted to know what happened to Finnick. She was anxious as to why he didn’t come home nor give her a phone call.

She continued to ask, “How about Ashley? Is she alright? Is the child in her belly fine?”

He answered, “Once she left the storage room, Finnick sent her to the hospital for a medical check-up and treatment. She is fine now after taking care of her wounds. For now… Finnick is accompanying her.”

As soon as Fabian finished, Vivian snapped her head up and thought she misheard him. Finnick is taking care of Ashley? Doesn’t he hate her and want to torture her?

Vivian paled and she could feel her mouth began to dry. She lowered her head and continued to listen to him. Why would the overbearing Finnick take care of Ashley? This is not how he usually behaves.

She couldn’t help but feel slightly jealous.

On the other hand, Fabian was also clueless about Finnick’s action.

He added, “I don’t know the reason behind the dramatic change. But Finnick is treating Ashley with care and is rather meticulous about it.”

How is it possible that Finnick is taking care of Ashley in the hospital? Vivian was completely dumbfounded.

Irritation surged within her whenever she imagined how Finnick was staying by Ashley’s side now.

Nonetheless, she had faith in Finnick that he wouldn’t betray her. However, her heart still wrenched when she thought of how Finnick was being overly nice to Ashley. She recalled that she had a similar feeling when she was a kid when someone took her favorite doll away forcefully.

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