Never Late, Never Away Chapter 266

When Fabian noticed the changes on Vivian’s face, he asked with concern, “Vivian, are you alright? Don’t overthink it. Even though I’m not sure about the exact reason, I don’t think Finnick will ever fall for Ashley.”

“What? Of course he won’t. I have faith in Finnick. I’m just… a little jealous.”

So she’s jealous… Fabian could feel that Vivian truly loved Finnick now.

Staring at her, Fabian fell into a trance. Vivian was still as beautiful with her black hair, thin red lips, a small but tall nose, as well as a pair of sparkling and affectionate-looking eyes.

Meanwhile, Vivian felt a little uneasy when she noticed that Fabian kept staring at her. She stood up and said, “Alright, it’s time to start working, and everyone should already be outside now. I should leave and start working too.”

“Vivian.” Fabian stood up as well and apologized, “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry that I didn’t protect you two years ago when the incident happened.”

Vivian was stunned because she never expected Fabian to apologize to her sincerely. After listening to his apology, she couldn’t help but heave a long sigh to let go of her sorrows and feelings for Fabian for good. At that moment, she felt like a load had been lifted from her chest. She was finally able to let go of her buried feelings.

With her back against Fabian, she simply remained silent and continued walking out of his office, with each step that she took, she felt she was finally walking out of his life.

Fabian also heaved a long sigh when he thought about the baby in Ashley’s belly and that he would soon marry her.

Meanwhile, in the hospital, Finnick was sitting next to Ashley, accompanying her.

Although she lay on the hospital bed, her complexion was looking better than yesterday and she was calm and alert.

She went through a lot yesterday, including being kidnapped, almost being drugged by some sturdy men, and suddenly rescued… When she recalled back, Ashley shuddered in fear and broke out in cold sweat, she felt as if she were trapped in a nightmare from which she couldn’t wake up.

Finnick sat next to her and was looking at his phone attentively.

Sensing movement, he looked up at once and saw that Ashley was staring at him with a frightened look. He said nicely, “Ashley, you’re awake.”

She was petrified and dared not utter a word.

Finnick quickly asked a nurse to enter the ward and check up on her. Ashley was actually in a semi coma state when he sent her to the hospital yesterday.

Everyone, including Finnick, was in a rush to send her to the hospital and look for the best doctor. As such, he was busy and didn’t have time to go home. Is Vivian in the magazine company now? Will she be mad at me because I didn’t go home last night?

The nurse dressed and bandaged Ashley’s wound, took her blood pressure, and took a sample of her blood to be tested. After that, she explained that if the blood test results were fine, Ashley would be able to discharge from the hospital.

Finnick thanked the nurse for her help while she flashed him a sweet smile.

The woman on the bed must be his girlfriend. What a lucky woman she is!

Ever since Ashley was admitted to the hospital, she was in a muddled state and wasn’t sure what happened until now.

She couldn’t help but guess what would happen next because of how abnormal Finnick was behaving. Is he thinking about torturing me? Why would he suddenly take good care of me and accompany me the whole night?

She was curious about the reason why Finnick didn’t leave after taking care of her. She tried to sound him out. “Why did you let me go? And why are you treating me so nicely all of a sudden?”

“I have my own reasons.” Just as Ashley expected, Finnick wouldn’t let go of her easily.

Since Finnick had always been cold and indifferent, she was a little afraid to see that the man changed so much and was kind to her. After a while, she said, “Mr. Norton, I dare not do it again… I didn’t know that my mom did something wrong two years ago, and I…”

“Ashley.” Finnick continued, “Even though your wounds are fine, the doctor suggests that you should get enough rest.”

He doesn’t want to mention the incident that happened two years ago anymore. Since he failed to avenge Vivian, all he could do now was to punish Emma even more.

“In that case, can I… go home?”

“As long as the nurse agrees to it, sure, you can go home.”

Ashley was finally relieved. I guess Finnick really gave up on the idea of punishing me. But why? She still had some questions in her mind.

Ashley decided to voice out her concerns, “Mr. Norton, why did you…”

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