Never Late, Never Away Chapter 269

Everyone is on Vivian’s side, no one is willing to stand by me and support me.

Emma suddenly remembered something and asked softly, “Ashley, is your…”

Before she could ask further, however, she heard footsteps.

Emma hinted at Ashley, “You have to protect your baby… The baby’s your only leverage against them!”

Before Ashley could assure Emma, the video call was cut off.

I didn’t even get to have a good look at Mom’s face before it ended abruptly. I wonder when will I see her again…

Ashley sat quietly as she wiped the tears off her face and secretly made a decision.

Finnick arrived moments later, He decided to drop by since it was on his way.

According to Noah’s report, Ashley had ended the call with Emma in the house moments ago, and Noah was waiting for Finnick’s order on the next course of action.

Finnick thought it was necessary to negotiate terms with Ashley. He planned to repay her kindness and be done with her once and for all.

In the house, Ashley was sitting on a chair, lost in her thoughts as she gazed out the window.

Finnick couldn’t help but think to himself, Where did the pure and kind-hearted girl from ten years ago go? How did she become such a vicious woman?

Was jealousy such a powerful influence?

Ashley still had tears on her face, but she was calm. She watched as Finnick arrived in his wheelchair.

Finnick asked, “Have you met Emma?”

“Yes, Mr. Norton. But, I don’t know if I should thank you or resent you. I’m afraid my mom can’t bear such suffering. She had never lived like a peasant before. She won’t be able to cope with it.”

Finnick thought Ashley was right. My intention wasn’t for Emma to live a comfortable life. She will not realize her mistakes if she doesn’t suffer. However, I still believe that my punishment was too lenient on her.

Ashley assumed that Finnick must have made a firm decision to send Emma away. She reckoned that Finnick would despise her if she begged him to let Emma go now. She was not a silly girl, thus, she decided to hold her tongue for now as the current situation was not in her favor.

She said to Finnick, “You claimed that I have shown you kindness and you intend to repay me. How do you plan to do that?”

“You can ask for anything you’d like, as long as it is within my abilities,” Finnick answered contemptuously as he expected her to ask for money or shares.


Is Finnick truly sincere in trying to repay me? Did he think I would ask for something simple and he could be done with me just like that?

To his surprise, Ashley sneered and replied, “My request is for you to leave Vivian. Can you do that?”

Leave Vivian?

Finnick’s expression hardened.

“That’s impossible, Ashley. You know I won’t promise you this, so think of something more practical,” Finnick answered in a cold voice.

“Why? You can’t accept this term?”

Finnick slowly shook his head, indicating there was no possibility of him changing his mind.

“I’m surprised at how much you loved her.” Ashley joked.

“Try something else, Ashley.” Finnick was starting to get impatient.

Ashley wasn’t ready to give up just yet because it was her only chance to turn things around. Hence, she had to consider the terms carefully. If Finnick thought she could be appeased with a few million, he would be sorely mistaken.

She would have chosen money in the past, however, the circumstances were different now. She desired something apart from money.

Ashley shrugged. “Forget it then. Since you won’t leave Vivian, promise me this, Finnick, help me revive the Miller family and let me marry Fabian. All I want is to live a carefree life.”

Finnick nodded in agreement as he was capable of doing what she requested.

Ashley slowly got up from the chair, she raised her head to meet Finnick’s gaze and said, “Now take me home. I want to go home.”

Finnick nodded before wheeling himself out. He ordered Noah to get the car and they sent Ashley back to Miller Residence.

Meanwhile, Vivian who was working in the magazine company, found that she was upset and could not concentrate on her task at hand. Her mind was filled with thoughts of Finnick…

She wondered when did Finnick become the center of her life. Without Finnick, she seemed to lose her direction in life. She felt that she had no plans, dreams, or anything that she could grasp onto in life.

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