Never Late, Never Away Chapter 27


“What the hell are you doing?” Vivian screamed as the shock from seeing Finnick stand up was long forgotten.

Before she could finish her sentence, he had already ripped her dress into shreds.

Finnick rested his body against hers, encasing her in a wall of muscle and masculine dominance.

“Finnick! What…”

Vivian tried to say something, but was cut off abruptly when he pressed his lips against hers.

It was as though he was punishing her for everything she had done, and it was something she would never be able to escape from.


I don’t want this!

The events from two years ago popped into her mind, and the pain was so strong that it brought tears to her eyes.

Finnick noticed her tears and froze in shock.

He stopped what he was doing immediately and lowered his head. “Are you scared of me, Vivian?”

Instead of answering him, Vivian grabbed her exposed shoulders tightly and continued to weep.

It was as though someone had poured a bucket of ice-cold water over him, dousing the angry flame inside of him immediately.

He let go of her and stared at her pale, tear-streaked face in bewilderment. His heart throbbed painfully at the sight before him.


What the hell did I just do?

“Vivian…” he said, his voice much calmer now. He reached out to help her up, only for her to flinch away from him, as though he had electrocuted her.

Seeing how natural her reaction was, the flame within Finnick that had just been extinguished threatened to come back to life.

“Get some rest,” he said awkwardly before leaving the room.

After he left, Vivian continued to sit on the bed in a daze.

It’s been two years…

I thought I’ve gotten over it already, yet the memories of that incident keeps coming back whenever a man gets close to me…

She never saw Finnick again that night.

The next morning, Vivian took her own sweet time to go downstairs after waking up. To her surprise, Molly told her that Finnick took a midnight flight overseas for a business trip.


Maybe he’s troubled over this too…

As for the events of the previous night, Vivian struggled to figure out what Finnick had been thinking.

She tried to convince herself that what Finnick was merely a show of power and dominance as a man, rather than a declaration of love.

After all, I don’t think he’s very happy about my relationship with Fabian…

How about his legs? Since when could he walk?

Vivian sighed. She finished her breakfast in silence and set off for work afterwards.

When she arrived at the office, she was greeted with a giant riot. She grabbed a person nearby by the arm and demanded to know what happened. “The Q City Magazine Company is gone! Our collaboration projects have gone down the drain…” the person wailed.

Q City Magazine Company?

Isn’t that the magazine company that Mr. Hark runs?

Vivian whipped out her phone and was shocked to find various reports on the matter online.

The Q City Magazine Company had deep roots in the magazine industry of Q City, yet someone managed to uproot it overnight! In fact, the owner of the company, Mr. Hark, was thrown behind bars after he was found guilty of a long list of charges.

This seems too sudden to be true… Could someone be behind this?

Could it be… Finnick?

Vivian shook her head vehemently to clear her head.

Hey! Vivian William! Stop that! You’re his wife, but you’re not his friend! You can’t count on him to save you when you’re in trouble!”

With that, Vivian smirked to herself. Haha! That’s karma for you, Mr. Hark!

Because of the collapse of Q City Magazine Company, the next issue’s cover had to be completely redesigned. Vivian and her group mates finished their part of the redesigning process, after which she was tasked by Lesley to send the product over to Fabian.

Vivian wanted to turn her down initially, since the last person she wanted to meet after the incident in Q City was Fabian.

Fabian had let her down over and over again, and that particular incident was the last straw on the camel’s back.

Am I really that dirty and undesirable to him?

I don’t have even a sliver of respect for him anymore.

I don’t even want to see him anymore. Even so, I can’t escape from him…

Hey! It’s not like I did anything wrong in the first place! Why am I the one running away?

With that, she picked up the mock-up that her group came up with and walked towards Fabian’s office with pursed lips.

“Chief Editor,” she said stiffly upon entering. “Here is the mock-up that my group came up with. Please take a look at it. I’ll take my leave now.”

She turned around to leave the room, only to freeze when his cold voice rang from behind her.

“Stop right there!”

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