Never Late, Never Away Chapter 270

Vivian laughed at how pathetic she had become. She did not want to call Finnick as she felt that it would make her look like a controlling person.

Just when she was wallowing in despair, the office was suddenly buzzing.

Vivian heard Jenny and Sarah discussing the news. She decided to join in as a way to get Finnick off her mind.

“What are you guys talking about?” Vivian asked.

Sarah answered, “We’re discussing about investments,”

Vivian frowned, “Investments? What are you planning to invest in?”

“Haha, in stocks of course. I’m talking about the stocks from the Miller family company.”

It turned out that they were discussing the stock recovery of the Miller family and considered buying it. They predicted the Miller family might be a dark horse in the market.

Ken chimed in, “What do you guys think? Is this a new investment strategy? The stocks were in sharp decline yesterday, but they suddenly shoot back to the top today! One of my buddies felt miserable because he turned in all of his stocks yesterday when he noticed that they were declining.”

Another colleague said, “So why did the Miller family’s stock rose tremendously today? Isn’t that weird?”

“The Miller family’s stock isn’t reliable so don’t waste your money on them. Finnor Group’s stocks are much more stable, I have never lost money from investing in them. Besides, I have also invested tons in the V.M. Fund.”

While everyone was deep in discussion, Jenny pulled Vivian aside and asked, “Vivian, you came just in time. Is there any insider news you could share with us? I heard Finnor Group had invested a large amount of capital into the Miller family’s stock. Is that true?”

Feeling rather awkward, Vivian quickly recomposed herself.

She replied, “I never asked Finnick about his business, so I’m sorry, but I can’t help you.”

Jenny seemed to have noticed something and she said, “That’s fine, there’s nothing to be sorry about as long as you’re okay.”

Jenny’s comforting words made Vivian felt uneasy.

What are you trying to do, Finnick? Vivian wondered.

Not only did you stay all day at the hospital to accompany Ashley, but now you’re actually helping the Miller family recover their losses? Why are you doing all this to help Ashley? Does Ashley have anything that’s holding against you?

Forget it, I’ll call Finnick and ask him myself. Vivian could no longer resist the urge.

To her surprise, she received elder Mr. Norton’s call the moment she picked up her cellphone.

“Vivian, I’m celebrating my birthday today. Usually, the boys would plan my birthday, but I’ve refused. I’m planning to use this occasion to gather everyone together. I have called Finnick and he agreed to come, so I hope you’d come too!” elder Mr. Norton said to Vivian.

Vivian smiled, “Of course, grandpa. We’ll throw you the best birthday celebration ever! See you later.”

Vivian hung up after she had a small talk with the older man.

Vivian was very surprised. How did no one know about grandpa’s birthday? Besides, why is he only telling me now?

Vivian quickly checked her schedule and noticed she had no interviews lined up. Hence, she decided to visit a nearby mall to pick out a birthday gift for elder Mr. Norton.

The moment she stepped into the mall, Vivian began perusing for gifts. However, her hesitant attitude made her gift shopping very difficult.

After looking at many different gift options, she was still unable to decide on a gift. As the time to elder Mr. Norton’s birthday celebration drew nearer, Vivian became increasingly anxious.

She walked into a branded men’s clothing store and considered buying the older man a wallet. I don’t think elder Mr. Norton would fancy such tacky things. Vivian thought to herself and she placed the wallet back on its shelf after much consideration.

She then looked around and noticed a store that sold massagers. She walked into the store and bought a massager that could be placed on the neck and waist area.

Although she knew that elder Mr. Norton was a veteran and had a strong body, it was no doubt that he would still suffer old injuries from the past. Thus, she believed that a massager could bring him some comfort.

While Vivian was busy choosing a massager, Fabian was also at the mall and he was window shopping. Without noticing Vivian, he went straight into a store.

Moments later, Vivian was finally done with her shopping and she went to the side of the road to hail a taxi.

To her despair, it was hard to get a taxi during peak hours. Most of the taxis’ had either been taken or booked.

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