Never Late, Never Away Chapter 272

The situation was at a standstill. They looked at each other in silence.

Vivian’s icy gaze did not escape Finnick.

Meanwhile, Ashley was green with jealousy upon seeing Vivian and Fabian together.


Why are they together again?

But she soon noticed a similar look of jealousy on Vivian’s face and felt a sense of accomplishment.


Now you know how I feel when I see you and Fabian together. It’s your turn to suffer – let’s see how you’re going tolerate the sight of me hanging out with Finnick. Weren’t you so proud to call him your husband? Well, too bad.

Ashley put on the most enchanting smile she could and leaned closer to Finnick. With a purposefully sweet voice, she said, “Ah Vivian, you’re here.”

Finnick was oblivious to Ashley’s intrusion into his personal space. Instead, all of his attention was fixated on the pair before him.

What the hell?

Why is Vivian with her ex? And why do they look chummier than ever? How dare she!

Finnick was livid.

“Come over,” he instructed Vivian. Fury was discernible in his tone.

Vivian frowned and refused to budge.

Aren’t you with Ashley too? What right do you have to be angry at me?

Realizing that no one was paying attention to her, Ashley shot a glare at Vivian and strode to Fabian’s side. Slotting her arm into her lover’s, she said to the man, “The gift’s ready? If so, then let’s go in.”

Fabian looked back worryingly at Vivian, but there was nothing he could do.

The duo disappeared into the house, leaving behind Vivian and Finnick.

“If you’re angry at me, just remember that I haven’t said anything about you being with Ashley yet.”

“Whatever. Just swear that you’ll never be with Fabian alone again.” Finnick insisted.

Vivian was not ready to concede. Seeing Finnick and Ashley together made her bitter enough. Worst still, of all people he could be with, it had to be Ashley – the source of her emotional torment since childhood.

Thus, although Vivian knew she was being stubborn, she could not agree to Finnick’s request. You didn’t give me an explanation as to why you’re with Ashley either.

“Fabian and I met along the street by sheer coincidence today. In addition, we’re colleagues, so it’s impossible for us to never meet each other. There’s absolutely nothing between us. If you can’t believe that, it’s your problem.”

Finnick was already ticked off at how intimate Vivian and Fabian looked. Her argument only fueled his anger.

The atmosphere was tense.

But on the account that it was the elder Mr. Norton’s birthday, Finnick decided to turn a blind eye for now. “Let’s just head in first.”

Vivian nodded, and the two entered the villa.

The elder Mr. Norton stood out in his red outfit. The bright hues made him look particularly sprightly. His exuberance grew upon seeing Finnick and Vivian.

“What took you two so long? Come over here and let me take a good look at you.”

The villa was full of life. The whole Norton family was here, filling every corner of the house.

Finnick was regarded with esteem the moment he entered. The same could not be said for Vivian, however. Instead, she was greeted with unsolicited gossips about her and her younger sister. The news was still fresh on everyone’s minds after all.

It did not matter whether the situation had been rectified, or that the commotion around Ashley had already ceased. Seeing the two ladies appear at the same venue was still astonishing enough for it to become a hot topic amongst the people present.

The elder Mr. Norton turned a blind eye to the ruckus. Instead, he looked dotingly at Vivian and commented on how she looked a little frazzled. “Finnick, you ought to take better care of her.”

The couple forced a smile.

Mark, who had been listening to the conversation on the side, interjected with an empty laugh. “Grandpa, don’t you dislike celebrating your birthday? What’s with the special occasion this year? You seem very delighted today.”

The elder Mr. Norton was all smiles when he replied, “Well, I’m elated that our family has many new members this year. I figured that having a party to celebrate that would be good.” After a slight pause, he added, “Alright, I think it’s time to start the show.”

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