Never Late, Never Away Chapter 276

Mark was the reason why Finnick pretended to be a cripple. Finnick suspected Mark had something to do with the accident which befell him ten years ago. Hence, she was also vigilant around Mark. I wonder what he wants to talk about.

Mark, on the other hand, was completely at ease as he offered Vivian to sit. “Have a seat. Let’s have a chat.”

He poured himself a glass of whiskey on ice and asked, “What do you want to drink? I have coffee, red wine, whisky and fruit juice.”

Vivian replied, “Fruit juice is fine.”

Mark appeared warm and endearing while speaking to her in a friendly tone. If Finnick had not warned her to be careful around him, she might have been cheated by Mark’s facade.

Mark suddenly changed the topic and asked, “Did you have a fight with Finnick today? You don’t seem to be happy around him.”

“No, we are fine.” Vivian didn’t want to go into details about her relationship with Finnick.

Mark glanced at her. She is very reserved around me. I guess she doesn’t really like me.

Mark decided to change the subject again, and said, “Did you know that Finnick was very playful as a child? He used to destroy Grandpa’s furniture and Grandpa would always chase him with a stick to punish him. Finnick soon matured and did well in school. As a result, Grandpa doted on him. When he and Evelyn were kidnapped, I was extremely anxious…”

“Sorry, I need to go now,” she interrupted. I don’t want to stay here any longer. He makes me feel extremely on edge.

I don’t want to listen to his lies as well. She was disgusted by Mark’s behavior, especially when she knew he was the mastermind behind Finnick’s kidnapping and the fact that he was blatantly lying to her now.

Mark curved his lips into a thin smile and said, “Stop right there. We rarely get to see each other. I want to talk to you.”

Talk? To me?

Vivian couldn’t tell what Mark was thinking—he was like a closed book. I don’t think he just wants to have a simple chat with me.

Mark continued, “Sigh, Finnick has always been an aloof person. I know that he only married you because Grandpa was nagging at him, which is why you don’t have a close relationship with him. Finnick must have always enraged you…”

Vivian didn’t understand what he was hinting at. “What are you trying to say? You can give it to me straight instead of going in circles,” she stated.

Mark was glad that she picked up on his hints.

He admitted, “Alright, I’m glad you are a smart person to converse with.”

Mark gulped down his glass of whiskey. She is actually rather intelligent despite her soft-spoken personality. I can’t believe she caught on so quickly.

He remarked, “Finnick isn’t serious about your relationship. All he cares about is Evelyn and he has always relied on her. I can assure you that Finnick doesn’t care about you at all. I hope you can consider what I said and think about whether you can help me with something.”

“What do you need help with and how is it related to Finnick?” She enquired in confusion. “I don’t think I can help you much. Why don’t you just ask Finnick for assistance?”

Mark poured himself another glass of whisky. He had great alcohol tolerance and enjoyed his hard liquors. It could stimulate his brain, make him think quicker on the spot and calm him down during tricky situations.

Vivian had not taken a sip of her fruit juice and it remained on the table.

He said, “As long as you work with me in defeating Finnick, I will treat you very well. I’m a generous person.”

Vivian’s face instantly darkened.

He hasn’t changed at all—he still wants to take revenge upon Finnick. I can’t believe he would think that I would lend him a helping hand.

Is he crazy? Does he really hate Finnick so much? Finnick is also a member of the Norton family. Mark is somewhat alike to Ashley in this respect.

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