Never Late, Never Away Chapter 277

Seeing as Vivian remained silent, Mark spoke again, “So what do you think? Money is the most important thing to a woman.”

Vivian was disgusted by the fact that Mark wanted to defeat Finnick. He is like a poisonous snake. She intentionally asked, “How do you plan to take revenge on Finnick?”

“There are many ways to do so. We do not need to rush to think of a solution.” He figured Vivian was willing to cooperate with him by asking the question. “So, I’m assuming that you are willing to cooperate with me?”

Work with you? What kind of person did he think I am?

Vivian suddenly felt like guffawing loudly.

“I would never work with you,” she retorted coldly. “Let me give you a piece of advice—stop trying to exact revenge on Finnick. You guys are family.”

“A family?” he scoffed. “Our family is not a tight-knit one. All of us have our own motives and plans. If you are willing to work for me, I promise you that I will let you and your mother live a lavish life.”

“I don’t need your help. I will not betray my husband nor my love for him just for money. You should extinguish any ideas you have,” she asserted.

Mark’s face instantly turned icy.

I can’t believe Vivian is such a piece of work.

He added, “Stop being so stubborn. Finnick is a piece of trash. He will never trump my abilities. What do you think will happen to you and your mother then?”

Vivian knew he was lying about Finnick. He wouldn’t be bragging if he knew how muscular and fit Finnick was.

Vivian taunted, “You shouldn’t be so arrogant.”

“Looks like you are not going to work for me then. Are you really ready to give up such a promising reward?” he asked. Did she think that I’m offering too little of a reward?

Vivian lost her last shred of patience.

“Mark, I’m done talking to you,” she informed him. She then stood up and said, “I’m going to take a rest now. Goodbye.”

As soon as she finished her statement, she left the room.

Mark gazed at her retreating figure with an indifferent look on his face. He laughed coldly and commented, “I can’t believe how troublesome she is. She is persistent and very different from Evelyn…”

Finnick was alone in the room, waiting for Vivian. A million thoughts were running through his head.

He recalled her furious expression and realized that she was displeased with him.

Indeed, it was natural that she would be crossed with him as he was absent for the whole night.

Unfortunately, he was not good with putting his feelings into thoughts. Hence, he didn’t know how to coax Vivian.

After mulling over this, he decided to phone Xavier.

Xavier was in the midst of an intimate affair when he picked up his phone. He asked, “It’s so late. Why are you calling me and not cuddling Vivian?”

“I need your advice on something,” he said.

Xavier choked on his beer and end up coughing when he heard what Finnick said.

Finnick moved the phone away from his ears as if Xavier had spluttered beer all over his face.

Xavier started chortling and commented, “Oh my! Don’t scare me! When did you ever need my advice? Are you crazy? This is the most hilarious thing I’ve heard all day.”

If Xavier were standing in front of him, Finnick would have given him a good beating.

“Enough!” exclaimed Finnick.

“Ok, fine. What do you want?” enquired Xavier.

“I found the person who saved my life. It’s Vivian’s younger sister,” Finnick replied.

“Ashley? Are you referring to the one who manipulated Vivian ruthlessly? She is now a popular social media influencer,” he commented in disbelief.

“Yes. I couldn’t believe it initially as well,” Finnick replied.

Xavier felt that Finnick’s tone was abnormal. He questioned, “Why are you unhappy if you found her? Did she threaten you or did she force you to marry her?”

Finnick recounted everything that had happened to Xavier, including the fact that Vivian was angry with him.

Xavier finally understood why Finnick came to him for advice and why he was so miserable. It’s all because of Vivian.

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