Never Late, Never Away Chapter 278

“So that’s what happened,” Xavier mused. “I can’t believe you spent the whole day with Ashley after what she did to Vivian. No wonder Vivian is annoyed with you. If I were Vivian, I would have given you two tight slaps and given Ashley a good beating.”

Finnick threatened, “Do you want me to shut down your factory?”

“Alright, stop making false threats. I’m the one in the wrong,” he begged. “Mr. President is always right. I’m not criticizing you but I’m just standing up for Vivian.”

Finnick sighed and lamented, “I don’t like Ashley as well. However, she saved my life and I promised her that I would repay her favor.”

“Well, you are in a very tricky situation,” Xavier quipped. “I think you should have a nice talk with Vivian to prevent any further misunderstanding. Women can be easily coaxed. That’s my solution.”

“How do you coax women?” he queried.

This is probably the first time Finnick had to coax a women. He had never done so before.

“How to coax a woman?” Xavier chuckled. “You have to be romantic. Every woman loves that. They are very emotional. You should prepare a bouquet of flowers, perfume or jewelry… I’m sure she would love that. Do I still need to teach you all of this?”

“But Vivian doesn’t like any of those,” Finnick muttered.

Finnick is right. Vivian was different from the type of women Xavier dated. Such cliché items will not move her.

“Then think about it yourself,” Xavier replied and let out a loud yawn. “Anyway, no woman can resist romantic gestures. It’s just that Vivian likes a different type of romantic things. I’ve never met someone like her, so I can’t help you. Maybe you can try searching it up on the Internet?”

Finnick was irritated and the veins in his forehead were bulging.

Xavier felt Finnick’s annoyance and immediately continued, “Well… I’m very busy right now. Just try searching it up on the Internet. I have to go!”

With that, Xavier’s phone line went dead.

Finnick hesitated for a moment but decided to take up his advice.

He typed in the search box: How to give your girlfriend a romantic surprise?

A bunch of unique search suggestions popped out.

A webpage wrote that romance could only be achieved through sincere gestures. There was no need for inventive ideas, a once-in-a-lifetime scenery or luxurious gifts. If both parties were deeply in love, anything would be romantic. Even a kiss on the lips could be extremely passionate.

Method 1—Combine your past and present. Travel to the places you visited together and write down such memories.

Method 2—Wake her up with a lovely home-cooked breakfast and tell her you love her when she wakes up from her sleep.

Method 3—Take a short video of yourself everyday or multiple videos expressing your love for her!

The suggestions he found were so corny that he couldn’t continue reading them. A layer of goosebumps had even formed on his arms.

After browsing the Internet for a long while, he finally found the perfect solution.

Hmm, I think she will be able to accept this.

When Vivian entered the room, Finnick was talking to someone on the phone. However, when he saw her, he immediately hung up his phone.

He must be helping the Miller family and doesn’t want me to find out. I think that’s the reason why he hung up his phone so hurriedly.

She had wanted to inform Finnick what Mark had just told her. However, when she realized that Finnick was hiding things behind her back, her heart immediately sank and she didn’t feel like talking to him.

Vivian sat on the sofa and started reading a magazine.

Finnick asked, “Why were you gone for so long? What did Grandpa say to you?”

“Nothing much. He just wants us to…” she trailed off. Vivian suddenly felt awkward in front of him and she wasn’t in the mood to speak to him anymore.

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