Never Late, Never Away Chapter 28

His voice sounded colder than ice when he spoke.

Vivian did not turn back. “What’s wrong, Chief Editor?”

“Don’t you owe me an explanation?” Fabian asked, louder this time. He must have gotten up and walked over to me…

“What explanation?”

“Everything. For example, why did you disappear from Q City all of a sudden?” he asked. She could feel his warm breath on her neck, and it made her shiver. “Also, what’s your relationship with Uncle Finnick?”

Vivian’s body trembled violently. She turned around abruptly to look into his cold gaze.

“H-How did you know about…”

Did he find out about our marriage? Did Finnick tell him about it?

Vivian panicked all of a sudden.

Their marriage had been a legitimate union, yet she still felt hesitant to talk to Fabian about it.

Finnick’s his uncle, and Fabian’s my first love!

“How did I find out about… What? Your relationship with my uncle?” Fabian scoffed as he closed in on her. “Of course I know! Besides, aren’t you married? Didn’t you know that my uncle is married too?”

Vivian’s panic turned to confusion the moment she heard that.

What the hell is he trying to say?

“Talk to me, Vivian William!” Fabian yelled, angered by her stubborn silence. He grabbed her shoulders and shook her violently. “Vivian William! Since when did you become a cheater and a home-wrecker? You’re no longer the Vivian I knew!”

Everything became crystal clear to Vivian at that moment.

He doesn’t know about our marriage… In fact, he probably thinks that Finnick’s my sugar daddy!

Vivian could feel her already stone-cold heart freeze over into an ice cube.


Fabian Norton… What am I to you? Just another one of those sugar babies that climb onto the lap of another daddy once they’ve sucked the previous one dry?

Vivian could see through him like a glass window, and she could tell that she was nothing more than a prostitute to him. He would never believe her if she said that Finnick took her in as his legitimate wife.

“Vivian!” Fabian growled. “Answer! My! Question!”

Vivian raised her eyes slowly to meet his gaze. “Whatever. Suit yourself.”

With that, she shoved him aside and turned around to leave.

I understand everything now…

The man I loved to the moon and back is no longer…

In fact, it’s been two years since I last saw the old him.

For the next few days, Vivian threw herself into her work to distract herself from the drama between Finnick and Fabian.

Finnick did not return even after a few days, and neither did he text nor call her. She would return to an empty house every night, feeling lonelier than ever.

Getting used to things is a scary process… It’s only been a month ever since I got married to him, and I can’t live without him already?

One morning, Vivian stepped into the office to see several of her female colleagues huddled around a computer.

“That’s rare,” she said, walking over to them. “Why aren’t you all having your morning tea session in the pantry?”

“Morning!” Sarah said, cupping her flushed face. “Who needs tea when you have an eye candy to look at?”

“Eye candy?”

“Finnick Norton, the president of Finnor Group! The one we interviewed! He’s in M Nation attending some award ceremony, and they’re broadcasting it live right now!”

Vivian froze.

Huh… So they’ve found my missing husband?

Vivian scooted over out of curiosity. “What award ceremony?”

“The Outstanding Youth Award! Also known as the battle of the wealthy bachelors!” Sarah said before burying her face in her hands. “Unfortunately, I heard that Mr. Norton’s already married…”

Vivian looked at the screen. Sure enough, Finnick was slowly pushing himself onstage as the audience gave him a standing ovation.

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