Never Late, Never Away Chapter 280

Vivian’s eyes were reddened and her tone had already softened, but she still wouldn’t meet Finnick’s gaze. “Let’s go downstairs. We shouldn’t keep Grandpa and the others waiting.”

Finnick felt bad seeing Vivian’s sorrow written all over her face.

Still, it wasn’t the time to talk about such things. They had to go downstairs since everyone was waiting for them.

Once they got downstairs, Vivian noticed the sheer number of guests.

News of elder Mr. Norton’s birthday celebration had gotten out, and plenty of people had arrived to give their blessings.

Everyone who was anyone in Sunshine City had made an appearance, much to Vivian’s surprise.

The crowd was full of smiles as they exchanged glasses of wine and chatted with each other.

The Norton Residence, which had always been rather quiet, was bustling with life after the arrival of these guests.

Vivian wasn’t that used to such a lively atmosphere. Having to constantly put on a bright smile despite her bitter mood drained her immensely.

As she watched Ashley chat happily with other guests, she felt even worse.

Occasionally, Ashley would glance at Vivian with eyes full of mockery and self-satisfaction.

However, Finnick’s gaze never left Vivian. Even while he was in a conversation with someone else, his eyes were still fixated on Vivian.

He noticed how every single one of her expressions was laced with exhaustion and boredom.

Then, Finnick wheeled himself toward Vivian and asked her in a low voice, “Vivian, do you not like it here?”

Vivian nodded. “Can I head home first? I’m not used to being here.”

Finnick’s eyes lit up as he thought about the phone call he just received whereby he was informed that everything was ready. “Okay, we can go. I want to take you somewhere.”

Take me somewhere?

Vivian recalled all the places Finnick had ever brought her to. If it wasn’t an auction, then it was a cold storage facility. Neither was that fun of a place.

“Let me go this once. Come on. Can I just go home for now—”

“Nope.” Finnick cut Vivian off.

What a bossy guy!

Still, Vivian liked the idea of staying here with all these phonies even less, so she ended up agreeing to Finnick’s idea.

With that, Finnick told his grandpa that he had some business to carry out。

Before they left, elder Mr. Norton whispered to Finnick, “Good call! Make good use of this opportunity, alright? I can’t wait to see my great-grandchildren! Go ahead. You don’t have any reason to stick around anyway.”

After Finnick got his grandpa’s approval, he and Vivian left the party.

There wasn’t much conversation going on in the car, only casual talk but nothing practical.

While the car sped on steadily, the passersby slowly lessened.

Then, Finnick said, “We’re here. Let’s go.”

As the sky slowly darkened, the streets began to come alive with bright neon lights. The city was lit up brightly as if it were telling its own story. The autumn night sky was still bright enough for them to spot fluffy white clouds against a cerulean background.

The moment Vivian got out of the car, she was taken aback.

Why did Finnick bring me here?

They were in front of a theme park.

The lights were still on, but the park was completely devoid of tourists. It seemed as if only the two of them were there at this hour.

Shouldn’t all theme parks be closed by now?

Vivian looked at Finnick in confusion, waiting for him to explain.

Finnick looked at her with dreamy eyes. “I’ve booked the whole place. It’s just the two of us now. Let’s go in.”

Booked the whole place? Vivian didn’t understand why Finnick had to fork out so much money for this.

Is he trying to share his childhood memories with me or something? Vivian mused randomly.

Leading the way in his wheelchair, Finnick brought her to the largest Ferris wheel in Sunshine City.

The Ferris wheel looked exceptionally gorgeous amidst the dark night sky. It glowed with a mystical, otherworldly halo.

The flashing lights blinked on and off, sending irregular waves of light over Finnick and Vivian’s faces. They looked at each other, suddenly feeling a sense of calmness washing over them.

Vivian recalled the first time she met Finnick.

He was still in a wheelchair then, but when their eyes met, Vivian felt as if he were the one looking down at her.

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