Never Late, Never Away Chapter 282

The two of them kissed for quite a while before parting. All their previous troubles had already been kissed away by then.

Now Finnick felt like it was the right time to explain himself to Vivian.

Finnick let go of Vivian unwillingly and said in a low voice, “You remember the story I told you about how a little girl once saved my life when I was younger, right?”

“Yeah. You even showed me pictures.” Vivian didn’t know why he was suddenly bringing it up.

“That little girl was Ashley Miller.”


Vivian widened her eyes in disbelief.

That’s a really huge coincidence!

“How could it be Ashley? Did you guys check properly?” Vivian still couldn’t believe her ears.

It wasn’t that she didn’t want to believe it, but after knowing Ashley for many years, she couldn’t understand how Ashley could be kind enough to help a stranger.

Finnick said, “It should be. Based on the picture and the limited edition buyers’ name list, Ashley is the most likely candidate. Her age also lines up with the timing.”

Vivian remembered the picture Finnick showed her. There was a little girl in the picture with a limited edition Disney princess dress that Ashley also happened to own. At the time, she thought it was merely a coincidence. Who would have known that it was really Ashley?

Finnick said guiltily, “I know Ashley did a lot of nasty things to you, but she did save my life, so I had to repay the favor.”

Vivian finally realized that Finnick’s strange attitude toward Ashley the last few days was simply him trying to repay the debt and not out of kindness or pity.

Finnick still loved her.

“Finnick, I get it.” After a while, she finally spoke. “If I were in your position, I’d have done the same thing.”

Finnick’s slightly furrowed brows finally relaxed at that.

Suddenly, Vivian thought of something and frowned. “Still, you should have called me at least once. I was so worried that you got into some kind of trouble. How could you just leave me at home alone?”

Vivian was complaining, but under the glow of the gentle lights amongst the dark sky, her pretty face made her words sound almost coquettish. Finnick’s heart skipped a beat at the sight.

At the very next second, Vivian was pulled into a tight embrace. Her unspoken words got swallowed up by the kiss that they shared.

As the Ferris wheel slowly got higher, the atmosphere in the booth started to heat up.

Finnick pulled Vivian onto his lap. His eyes were sparkling like stars as he looked at her in adoration. In a low voice, he said, “Next time you’re angry or upset, please just tell me. Don’t keep it to yourself, okay?”

Vivian felt her face warm up, and her heart started beating uncontrollably fast. She wanted to move away but couldn’t as she was trapped in his arms. Before she got the chance to open her mouth, Finnick’s warm lips met hers once again.

She only managed to leave his embrace after a long time, feeling as if she had gotten drunk on his kisses alone.

Finnick moved closer to Vivian’s ear and whispered softly, letting his warm breath brush against her skin.

“Don’t worry, Vivian. I won’t let Ashley bully you.”

Vivian leaned her head against Finnick’s broad shoulders and stayed quiet.

At that moment, she knew she didn’t need to say much.

She just knew that anyone who could understand her this well was deserving of her respect, so she did not need to pay attention to those who didn’t.

It was enough that he was so considerate of her without her needing to say anything.

Vivian said in a low voice, “Finnick, you did the right thing. You have to thank the one who saved your life after all. If it weren’t for Ashley saving you, we wouldn’t have met.”

Upon hearing that, Finnick didn’t say anything. He simply pulled her into another embrace as the two of them looked out at the shimmering lights of Sunshine City.

The hundreds of lights all over the buildings made it seem as though the buildings had dressed up in expensive jewelry and precious gems. Lined with lamp posts and bright neon signs, the streets shone brighter than the Milky Way. The cars drove ceaselessly on the roads, resembling red and yellow lanterns passing back and forth on dark strips of asphalt.

When the Ferris wheel reached its highest point, Finnick suddenly brought Vivian to the window.

Vivian didn’t understand and looked at him in suspicion. Then, she heard Finnick mutter, “I have something for you.”

Vivian hadn’t gotten the chance to react when she spotted a series of lights suddenly glowing outside the window.

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