Never Late, Never Away Chapter 283

In an instant, the dark night sky lit up with a splash of color.

At the same time, all of the lights in the theme park came on, and the letter ‘V’ appeared on the LED screen, painting their faces in red.

Whoosh! Bang!

Right then, fireworks went off in the distance that seemed to shake the night sky, stopping faraway passersby in their tracks as they watched in awe.

The colorful flames lit up the starry sky and burnt dazzlingly to the very last second until it finally fizzled out.

After that, another one took its place. The fireworks went off again and again, resembling both bright supernovas and fluttering fireflies.

Vivian was completely stunned.

Never had she imagined that this would be the gift Finnick was speaking of. She was so happy that she didn’t know what to say and simply clapped her hands in glee like a child who had gotten her favorite sweets.

Finnick lowered his head and looked at Vivian. His mouth, which usually rested in a nondescript line, was now raised in a gentle smile.

The whole theme park was open just for Vivian. Finnick was willing to spend thousands, even millions on Vivian as long as it made her happy, no questions asked.

The woman’s emotions had already become a significant part of his life and affected him every day. As they spent their days together, he started to change too.

Finnick looked at Vivian’s reddened face and asked, “Vivian, do you like it?”

“I do! I love it, Finnick!” Vivian exclaimed, looking at Finnick with shining eyes.

She had severely underestimated Finnick. I didn’t know he could be this romantic.

She asked, “Did you really come up with all this on your own?”

“It took me forever to plan out everything.”

“I love it. Thank you so much, Finnick.” Vivian was getting choked up. Her eyes started to glint with tears.

It was already hard enough for him to book the whole theme park on his own. She hadn’t imagined that he could come up with even more things to shock her with. From displaying his love for her on the LED screen and a whole firework show, what other tricks did he have up his sleeve?

Finnick thought, Looks like the Internet is much more reliable than a Casanova like Xavier.

It turns out that women really do need to be coddled. Well, that’s one thing Xavier got right.

“Yes,” Finnick said seriously. “I just want you to be happy.”

From her own reflection in Finnick’s eyes, she could feel his sincerity and love for her. Finnick was a proud man, but he did so much just to make her happy.

What else could she ask for?

Their love was illuminated by the bright glow of the theme park and the sparks of the fireworks. Even if they had to separate temporarily someday, they would never truly leave each other. Fate and love had intertwined like a padlock in both of their hearts, filling them with longing for one another.

Finnick remained in his wheelchair and Vivian sat on the Ferris wheel seat as both of them watched the fireworks go off outside.

After the glorious firework show, Vivian finally came to the realization that this really wasn’t Finnick’s style at all. Was there someone else giving him ideas? People could change overnight, but that didn’t seem like something that would happen to Finnick.

Vivian couldn’t contain her curiosity. “Finnick, how did you know I like riding Ferris wheels and looking at fireworks? This isn’t like you.”

Finnick didn’t expect Vivian to ask him that and fell into an awkward silence, suddenly at a loss for words.

He couldn’t just tell her that it was an idea from an online friend. That would be way too lame of him.

“What? Am I not allowed to be romantic once in a while?” he asked in a deep voice.

Vivian laughed and said, “Yes, of course you are.”

Finnick chuckled and didn’t say anything else.

Vivian smiled as well. She was about to speak when she suddenly sneezed.

Finnick’s sharp eyebrows furrowed.

“Are you getting a cold?” He stood up and walked to Vivian.

“I’m fine.” Vivian rubbed her nose. “It was just a little windy last night.”

Finnick looked at Vivian, who was still in the dress she’d worn for the party. Although she looked gorgeous, the fabric was thin, and there was no way she was warm enough. He frowned and took off his own jacket to lay it over her shoulders.

Vivian felt a trace of Finnick’s own body warmth on the jacket, and it reached all the way to her heart.

Her hands were cold too, so she stuffed them into the pockets. Then, she accidentally brushed against Finnick’s phone.

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