Never Late, Never Away Chapter 284

She was surprised and glanced briefly at the screen that lit up in the dark.

Unexpectedly, the app that lit up his phone just happened to be Reddit.

The question that Finnick had searched was: How do you give your girlfriend a romantic surprise?

The top answer of the thread that had come up was the Ferris wheel and fireworks idea.

Vivian started laughing out loud.

So it was an Internet suggestion! No wonder it didn’t seem like his usual style.

That was why he had been dodging the question. He didn’t want her to know he found the answer on the internet. How cute.

Finnick, who had spotted Vivian holding his phone, immediately looked sheepish as he snatched the phone quickly. “That’s just a coincidence.”

Vivian started laughing even more at the faint blush that had appeared on Finnick’s face.

“Thank you, Finnick,” she said in a low voice, reaching out to hug him.

At the same time, the Ferris wheel slowly reached the bottom again.

Finnick returned to his wheelchair. As the door opened, Vivian pushed him out.

Once they stepped outside, Vivian caught sight of a staff member holding out something pink and fluffy.

“What—” Vivian said in surprise.

With an awkward expression, Finnick said quietly, “It’s cotton candy. I noticed that you have a sweet tooth, so…”

Vivian finally returned to her senses.

On the Reddit page, there had been another answer from the best replier in the same thread that said: If your girlfriend likes sweet things, then buy her some cotton candy too. That’s gonna get you a 10/10!

Even though it was just a simple stick of cotton candy, Vivian felt her eyes start to well up.

He is so attentive!

No wonder she had started smelling a sugary scent in the Ferris wheel. He knew she liked it, so he specially got someone to make it and bring it over. He really did care about her.

Tears finally broke free from Vivian’s eyes like a string of broken pearls. This was the first time she had received such an ‘extravagant’ gift.

When she was still a kid, Harvey had bought Ashley and Vivian a stick of cotton candy each at the theme park. It was also pink, the color of princesses.

That was the first time Harvey had bought food for Vivian, so she treasured it with all her heart. However, Ashley was jealous and knocked Vivian’s cotton candy to the ground while Harvey wasn’t looking.

After the cotton candy fell on the dirty floor, Ashley started stepping on it with her shoes, causing the pink cotton candy to turn grey with dirt.

That saddened Vivian deeply. However, Harvey, who didn’t know what had actually happened, scolded her and never bought anything for her again.

Thinking about her past always made Vivian’s heart wrench in pain. But now, she had Finnick taking care of her, and she was contented with that.

Vivian bent down and hugged Finnick tightly.

She told him, “Finnick, you are the definition of romance for me. You’re all I need.”

Finnick and Vivian finally made up in this romantic atmosphere.

According to elder Mr. Norton’s wishes, the two of them would have to spend a night at the Norton family mansion.

By the time they returned to the mansion, the guests had all left. The mansion was back to its usual silence.

By then, elder Mr. Norton, who was exhausted after the party, was already asleep.

Finnick and Vivian went back to their room and fell asleep as well.

While everything was going smoothly for Finnick and Vivian, the scene in another room at the Norton family mansion was an entirely different story.

At that moment, Ashley was sitting in Mark’s study.

Mark’s personal assistant had already returned to his room before Ashley walked into Mark’s study.

Mark was sick of the two sisters. One of them was here at his father’s request while the other came to him of her own accord. What sort of tricks were they trying to play?

Ashley, of course, had her reasons for showing up. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be very appropriate for a man and his daughter-in-law to chat like this so late at night.

Mark looked at his future daughter-in-law and asked, “It’s already late. What do you want? Where’s Fabian?”

Fabian lost interest in socializing when he saw Vivian and Finnick disappear from the party, so he had already retired to his room with his phone a long time ago.

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