Never Late, Never Away Chapter 285

Ashley replied, “I think he’s most probably asleep by now.”

Although Ashley was Mark’s future daughter-in-law, he had always disliked her because of her family background.

As new money, the Miller family was incomparable to old money like the Norton family. However, Mark had a high tolerance for her because she was pregnant with the offspring of the Norton family.

“Then what brings you here?” Mark asked.

Ashley took a deep breath before she cut to the chase. “Mr. Norton, Finnick has always been an obstacle to us. You might need some help if you wish to get rid of him.”

Mark turned around to look at her. Obstacle?

Since it was not his style to beat around the bush, he asked directly, “You’re talking about Finnick?”

Ashley nodded.

Mark raised his brow. Hmm… Maybe she heard about it from Fabian… But wait a sec! Fabian is not someone with a loose lip. So she figured it out by herself? This young lady is surely a sharp one with a scheming mind. But what is she up to?

He remained silent while his mind was racing. Ashley could take the silence no more, so she spoke up, “Mr. Norton, I believe I can help you to get rid of Finnick.”

“Help me?” Mark let out a chuckle, taking her words as a joke. “The Miller family is in trouble, so how could you afford me any help? I suggest you do nothing but rest well and take good care of your baby. As you can see, Grandpa is looking forward to a newborn.”

Mark had always paid close attention to Finnick, so he knew about him targeting the Miller family. However, it seemed like he was not well-informed enough since he didn’t know that Finnick had now become indebted to Ashley.

One thing for sure was that Ashley had always tried to suck up to Fabian. Now that she was pregnant, unlike her insensible sister, she seemed to have truly regarded herself as a part of the Norton family and was willing to take Mark, her future father-in-law’s side.

Ashley gave an indifferent shrug as she tried to convince Mark. “Mr. Norton, although the Miller family still needs some time to recover from the bankruptcy crisis, I can still help you get rid of Vivian and Finnick on my own. After all, they are our common enemy!”

Mark thought she was shooting her mouth off, but he suppressed his impatience and asked, “How are you going to help me? To Finnick, you are a thorn in his flesh. If he could, he would kill you at all cost to avenge his wife. What could you do for me?”

Ashley curled her lips into a faint smile before saying in a low voice, “Mr. Norton, do you know that for all these years, Finnick has been looking for a little girl who saved him ten years ago?”

Of course, Mark knew about it. With his brows knitted, he asked, “But what does this have to do with you?”

A confident smile appeared on Ashley’s face. “I am the little girl whom he is looking for.”

Mark’s expression lightened up at this revelation. He had always known of the little girl’s existence and how important she was to Finnick, but he had never expected Ashley to be that little girl.

In an instant, Mark understood why Ashley had the confidence to say that she could be of help to him.

This must be the exact reason why the Miller Group managed to get through the unprecedented crisis overnight!

Finnick is no longer targeting Ashley and the Miller family, but I bet he never expected that the person whom he regards as his savior would scheme against him.

It seems like this time, Finnick has shot himself in the foot!

However, Mark was still doubtful. “You said you want to help me get rid of Finnick? But I believe Finnick will no longer taking revenge on you. Moreover, he will also treat you well since he is indebted to you. So why are you turning against him?”

Ashley sneered. Indebted to me? Just because Finnick wants to return my favor doesn’t mean I have to accept it.

She hated both Finnick and Vivian to the core.

Hatred was eating her up as she uttered in a vicious tone, “That’s what he owes me! My mom is suffering because he sent her to a shabby country, and she can’t even come back. Besides that, he has also caused the Miller Group to suffer millions in losses. I will definitely get back at him for what he has done! I hate Vivian William, and I want all of them to suffer!”

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