Never Late, Never Away Chapter 286

Mark snickered. “Ashley, the main reason you hate Vivian is that Fabian still loves her, am I right?”

No one can hide anything from this cunning man.

“That’s right,” she admitted, “I am willing to do anything to make Vivian suffer!”

Mark was rather surprised at the turn of events. Initially, he thought it would not be an easy feat to get rid of Finnick when Vivian turned him down. However, now that Ashley volunteered to work with him, he would be able to turn the tide.

“Do you have any plans?” he asked. “As we all know, Finnick is a tough nut to crack.”

Ashley flashed an evil smile and revealed her plans, “Finnick is indeed a tough nut, but Vivian is rather gullible. Don’t you think so?”

“Oh?” Mark narrowed his eyes. Despite being a ruthless man, Finnick had a soft spot for Vivian.

He had to admit that Ashley was right; Vivian was indeed the only chink in Finnick’s armor. Since Vivian was unwilling to work with him, he had no choice but to destroy her alongside her husband.

“So, what’s your exact plan?” he asked.

Ashley replied with another question, “Mr. Norton, what do you think is the most important thing to Vivian and Finnick?”

Mark’s curiosity was piqued, so he signaled Ashley to go on.

Seeing that Mark was starting to trust her, Ashley immediately revealed her scheme in detail.

His eyes lit up after hearing Ashley’s plan.

He must admit that sometimes men and women do think differently. Unlike him, who thought from a business perspective, Ashley had approached the matter in a totally different way.

Although her plan seemed somewhat underhand and low-down to him, he had to give it credit as it could definitely hit Finnick and Vivian where they hurt. It would avail him in turning the tables if her plan could really work out.

Ashley’s plan is surely a nasty one… But isn’t it a little too risky? Mark remained silent as he was still hesitant about her plan.

Being observant as always, Ashlyn was quick to notice Mark’s hesitation. She reassured him, “Mr. Norton, don’t tell me that you are getting cold feet! Don’t worry because I have it all planned out! Believe me. We will throw them off balance!”

Mark started to see Ashlyn in a new light. He gave her words some thought and finally nodded assent. “Your plan is not bad. Finnick will lose his most prized possession, and Vivian will no longer pose a threat to us. By that time, I would have achieved my goals while you could take your revenge on Vivian. Huh! We can kill two birds with one stone!”

“Does that mean you agree to work with me?” Ashley’s eyes glinted with excitement.

With an unfathomable expression, he flashed a subtle smile and assured her, “Of course. I will lend you a helping hand in carrying out your plan.”

Feeling pleased, Ashley rose to her feet and reminded Mark, “Mr. Norton, could you promise me that you won’t let Fabian in on our plan?”

“Of course, you have my word! Fabian is too soft-hearted, so it’s better to keep it from him,” Mark gave his promise without hesitation.

Ashlyn was satisfied that she had Mark’s word, but she regretted that she took so long to come to him, or else she could have long gotten rid of Vivian.

I shouldn’t waste so much time… There’s many a slip twixt cup and lip…

When she was back in the bedroom, the light was still brightly lit, but Fabian was already fast asleep with his handphone being cast aside.

She fixed her gaze on Fabian’s sleeping face with eyes that were filled with fervent love. Fabian, I’m doing all this for you. I will let you see Vivian’s true colors so that you could get over her! Don’t blame me for being too cruel because everything I do is for love.

Meanwhile, Mark’s personal assistant entered the study after Ashley had left. “Mr. Norton, do you think Ashley’s plan will work?”

Mark let out a chuckle before saying, “It might not be a flawless plan, but it is more than sufficient to cause Finnick a significant loss. Besides, it wouldn’t do me any harm even if her plan fails. If Grandpa casts the blame on me, I can excuse my deed by saying that it is not my intention of causing harm to Finnick. I am only helping my daughter-in-law, trying to matchmake her and Fabian. After all, I believe Grandpa will not blame her since she’s pregnant with the Norton family’s child.”

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