Never Late, Never Away Chapter 287

The personal assistant finally put his mind at ease upon hearing Mark’s words. Mr. Norton surely is a guileful person. He always plans ahead while taking everything into consideration.

Then, he heard Mark’s comment in an almost inaudible voice. “It seems like I have underestimated my future daughter-in-law.”

The next day, Vivian and Finnick left the Norton Residence early in the morning.

Before they departed, the elder Mr. Norton reminded them to take all the supplements with them for the umpteenth time. He even said he would ask someone to send them to Finnick’s house if they didn’t return to the Norton Residence once a month to get new supplements.

It was the first time Vivian felt pressured because of the elder’s high hopes for her to get pregnant.

The housemaid started preparing the herbal remedy for Vivian as soon as she arrived home.

“Are you really going to listen to your grandpa and let me take all those supplements? Do you really think I need them?” asked Vivian.

Finnick replied in his usual tone, “Just do as I say. It won’t do you any harm.”

He has obviously resumed his usual indifference. As she looked at the stern and domineering man sitting in front of her, Vivian started to miss the cute Finnick at the amusement park that night.

He already returned to his old self though only one night had passed.

It didn’t take long for the housemaid to bring her the bowl of herbal medicine and urge her to finish it before it turned cold.

Vivian pouted while looking at the bowl that was still steaming hot. Since she was little, she had always hated taking medicine. The supplements and herbal remedies were no exception because they tasted just like medicine.

“Drink it,” Finnick urged.

For a moment, Vivian felt as if she was a warrior going to the battlefield to face her biggest enemy, and Finnick was the ruthless commander ordering her to charge forward.

Finnick looked at her in confusion when he saw her picking up the bowl hesitantly just to put it down once again.

Vivian pouted in reluctance. “I know it tastes horrible from the smell of it!”

Finnick couldn’t help smiling because it was rare for her to behave like a child.

However, he was determined not to let her have her way this time because it would be wasteful to throw the expensive herbal medicine away. With that, he took the spoon and gently brought the medicine close to her lips. “Let me feed you.”

Vivian’s eyes widened as she had never expected him to treat her with such patience. Without a choice, she took a sip of it.

To her surprise, it didn’t taste bad at all as there was a tinge of sweetness in it.

“How does it taste?” asked Finnick.

Vivian feigned a reluctant face and answered, “Not bad.”

Vivian enjoyed herself as Finnick fed her the herbal medicine. When he saw her finishing the medicine, the latter nodded approvingly.

Finnick allowed the housemaid to leave earlier and told her to return the next morning since she was done with the house chores and they could manage themselves.

As soon as the housemaid left the house, Vivian couldn’t help stealing glances at Finnick. Her mind was running a little wild. I know this man too well. He must be up to something whenever he sends the housemaid away. Could it be…

She knew her guess was right when Finnick got up from his wheelchair and picked her up in a bridal carry.

Feeling shy, she wrapped her arms around his neck and buried her face in his chest. Then, she asked in a muffled voice, “Finnick, what are you doing?”

“Since you just drank the herbal medicine, why don’t we…” Finnick’s voice grew hoarse. “We should do it now to obtain the best medicinal effect, don’t you think so?”


Finnick carried Vivian all the way to the master bedroom and put her down gently on the bed.

Vivian closed her eyes to avoid making eye contact with him. At the same time, she could feel her cheeks burning.

Finnick’s body ached for her because it had been days since the last time they were intimate with each other.

Her lips were always an allurement to him, seducing him to have a taste of it.

She was just like a glass of refined wine, waiting for an oenophile to savor her. As the best connoisseur of wine, Finnick surely knew how to indulge himself in the mouthfeel of the wine.

His lips lingered on her silky skin that resembled the smooth texture of the wine. Soon, the sweet aroma of her body made him feel tipsy.

Whereas to Vivian, Finnick was like hard liquor. Its fine taste gave a burning sensation as the liquor trickled down her throat, just like how his fingers set fire to her body, and she was turned on after taking another taste of it. Every inch of her was craving for the hard liquor because none other can bring her such ecstasy; it was the greatest pleasure in life.

After the series of events took place, from the unraveling of Vivian’s past and Ashley’s plot being uncovered to Finnick successfully finding his savior, it seemed like everyone was sick of experiencing any more vicissitudes.

Vivian’s life finally returned to normal, traveling back and forth between her house and her workplace every day.

Half a month passed by uneventfully.

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