Never Late, Never Away Chapter 288

If only they could be like this forever, living a simple but meaningful life.

The thought of being able to be with Finnick every single day appealed to Vivian. The only downside to it was that he had an incredibly large sexual appetite and she was hard-pressed to satisfy him. It seemed like the elder Mr. Norton had been wise to gift her all those supplements.

At this, she suddenly realized that her period was late.

Her period had always been very punctual, yet this time it was late by more than two weeks.

Just what’s going on? Don’t tell me the elder Mr. Norton hit the nail on the head! Could I be pregnant? Am I really that lucky?

Since she could not be sure that she was right, she decided to go to the hospital for a check-up. She did not tell anyone about her plans, not wanting to give them false hope. After all, if she were wrong, it would be absolutely embarrassing!

Arriving at the hospital, it was crammed full of people.

She made an appointment with the gynecology clinics and sat down to wait for her turn. All around her were pregnant women, some with large bellies that showed they were in their late trimester of pregnancy while others with barely a bump. Every single one of them had a male accompanying them.

Vivian fantasized about the envious stares she would get from other women if she were really pregnant and Finnick came with her. No matter where he went, he would always be the most attractive man in sight.

A couple was talking to each other nearby and Vivian tilted her head slightly to eavesdrop.

The wife said, “I’m seven months along so we’ll be able to tell the gender of the baby by now. I like the idea of having a baby girl.”

Her husband questioned, “You think it’s a girl?”

“The baby came to me in a dream last night. She said she’s a girl.”

“As long as the baby is healthy, I couldn’t care less. I get so nervous every time we come to the hospital!”

Vivian mentally chuckled. With how anxious he seems, one would have thought he’s the one to give birth to the baby! I really hope I’m pregnant. Finnick would be ecstatic, wouldn’t he?

She could already imagine how Finnick would dote on her during her pregnancy. Then, a scene of him pushing a stroller as they meandered down a street played out in her mind. The ground would be littered with fallen leaves, painting such a perfect picture…

Are we really going to welcome a new life? A small being that has our blood running in its veins, the fruit born of our love. It would carry on a part of us forever, be our legacy. Pregnancy really is a miraculous thing!

A long while later, it was finally her turn. Most of the other women were already gone.

Heart pounding, she pushed open the door to the clinic and entered.

The doctor asked her a series of simple questions before sending her off to get her blood drawn.

According to the doctor’s calculations, it was highly probable that Vivian was pregnant. However, since there were no obvious signs of pregnancy yet, he recommended that she get a blood test.

After that, there was nothing to do but wait. She fidgeted in her seat anxiously.

Recalling what the doctor had said, excitement and joy thrummed through her.

She stroked her still flat abdomen lovingly. Despite there being no outward changes, she thought she could feel the presence of life in there.

Am I really going to be a mother?

At last, her blood test results were out.

Abnormal changes in blood detected.

She was pregnant!

She really was pregnant!

There was no way to describe the scope of her emotions right then!

How should I tell Finnick this wonderful news? I wonder how he will react?

Meanwhile, in the president’s office at Finnor Group.

Finnick was listening as Noah gave his report. When the assistant was done, he abruptly remembered something and said, “Mr. Norton, I saw Mrs. Norton heading to the hospital alone. I’m worried there’s something wrong with her so I thought I should let you know.”

Finnick froze upon hearing that.

The hospital? Vivian’s sick?

Without a moment’s hesitation, he instructed his secretary to cancel all his meetings and interviews. “Noah, let’s go to the hospital now.”

Noah’s eyes widened in disbelief.

Mr. Norton, the workaholic, is actually postponing his meetings because Mrs. Norton went to the hospital?

Despite his shock, he still hurried after his boss.

When they were in the car, Finnick had Noah call the hospital to find out what was wrong with his wife. He could not wait a moment longer.

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