Never Late, Never Away Chapter 289

The answer Noah got was a huge surprise.

Hanging up, a wide grin spread across Noah’s face. “Congratulations, Mr. Norton! I asked the hospital staff and they told me she had gone to the gynecology clinics. She’s confirmed to be pregnant!”

Silence greeted his words, the only sound being the roaring of the vehicles passing outside the windows. Worried, he twisted around to look at Finnick. “Mr. Norton – ”

When he caught sight of Finnick, he was stunned.

The boss was sitting in his wheelchair limply as a myriad of emotions played across his face. They were all emotions Noah had never seen on him before.

First, it was shock, then a little bit of helplessness. Finally, surprise and elation shone in those dark orbs.

Vivian and I are having a baby? I’m going to be a father!

Noah had been working as Finnick’s personal assistant for a lot of years. This was the first time he had seen his boss losing hold of emotions. He queried, “Mr. Norton, should we still go to the hospital? Mrs. Norton seems to have returned home.”

Finnick snapped out of his stupor and replied, “Then let’s go home.”

Back at home, Vivian was still mulling over how she would break the news to Finnick. In the end, she decided she would tell him later when he got home from work. It would be a pleasant surprise for him!

She bustled around in the kitchen, preparing dinner as she waited for him to come back. Much sooner than she had expected, he was home.

Glancing at the clock, she noted he was very early today.

She rushed to his side, exclaiming, “Finnick, I have some great news to tell you – ”

Before she could finish, he tugged her closer to him before wrapping her in a tight hug.

He placed his mouth by her ear and whispered, “Vivian William, this is the best present I’ve ever gotten.”

Finnick’s seemingly random and nonsensical words puzzled Vivian.

Chuckling lowly, he added, “Looks like those supplements really worked!”

Understanding dawned on Vivian. “You already know?”

He nodded.

She searched his expression, taking in the delight on his face. Her heart warmed in bliss.

The two of them sat down by the dining table. Vivian had sent the housemaid away earlier today so she could share this news with Finnick. Thus, they were alone now.

He stared at the veritable feast on the table and frowned slightly. “You made all this?”


“You’re pregnant now and shouldn’t be doing all this.” Taking her hand, he murmured, “You should rest more.”

Vivian merely smiled in amusement. She thought he was making a fuss over nothing.

After dinner was finished, she stood up to wash the dishes. To her surprise, he stopped her with a hand on her arm. “Let me do it. You can take a break.”

With that said, he actually stood up from his wheelchair and brought the dirty dishes into the kitchen.

Vivian watched him go with wide eyes.

Woah, his reaction is a little dramatic, isn’t it?

At first, she was going to tell him she could wash the dishes herself. Then she saw how serious and earnest he was and the words refused to leave her lips. So she sat there, listening to the clinking coming from the kitchen.

When he was done, she stood up to head upstairs. Once again, Finnick stopped her. He swept her up into his arms and walked up the stairs. “Careful. I’ll carry you.”

At this point, Vivian was beginning to get the slightest bit exasperated at his overprotectiveness.

“Finnick, I’m pregnant, not deathly ill. You don’t have to do all this.”

“I want to.” He answered stubbornly.

Seeing the determined expression on his face, she knew there was nothing she could say to change his mind. Besides, his pampering made her feel fuzzy inside.

In the bedroom, she moved to take a shower and he followed her inside the bathroom. “I’ll help you.”

“This too? Oh my god!” She was utterly dumbfounded at his actions.

Ignoring her protests, he guided her to sit down in the bathtub and grabbed a towel. Then, he started to scrub her back for her.

Touched, she assured him softly, “Finnick, you don’t have to treat me like glass. I’ll be fine.”


He persisted, focusing all his attention on gently scrubbing her back.

A short while later, it was obvious Finnick was not used to taking care of someone else. It did not take long for his white shirt to be completely drenched while he helped her wash up.

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