Never Late, Never Away Chapter 29

The suit hugged his lean body nicely, outlining the sculptured shape of his figure. Although he was sitting in a wheelchair, no one could ignore the intimidating aura he exuded.

“Congratulations, Mr. Norton.” The blonde hostess of the award ceremony excitedly passed the crystal trophy to him.

“Thank you,” rumbled Finnick as he received the trophy. His American accent was impeccable. “I’m very honored to receive this award.”

When he took the trophy, the hostess’ gaze landed on his finger. She instantly exclaimed in an exaggerated tone, “Oh my God! Mr. Norton, is that a wedding ring?”

The camera immediately zoomed in to Finnick’s finger. The diamond ring which Vivian bought was displayed on the big screen.

Vivian’s heart skipped a beat. Sneakily, she hid her finger, which was wearing an identical ring, behind her back.

On the screen, the hostess continued enthusing over it. “Mr. Norton, so you’re really married. I wonder how many women would be heartbroken. However, Mr. Norton, this ring is really economical, huh?”

Everyone burst into laughter after hearing what she said.

Vivian’s face flushed.

Ugh, Finnick. I already said that the ring doesn’t suit his status, but he insists on wearing it.

Despite everyone’s surprise and laughter, Finnick maintained a calm composure. He glanced down at his finger and smiled. “My wife chose it for me. She’s never an advocate for unnecessary waste.”

Although his words were simple, it was somehow filled with an affectionate tone. Everyone instantly fell silent.

Vivian, who was watching him through her computer on the other side of the Earth, felt her heart skip a beat too.

Although she kept convincing himself that Finnick was just saying that for show, a part of her was starting to be charmed by him.

He had been wearing the ring all along, no matter how embarrassing it might be.

Despite the entire world thinking that it’s impossible between us, he still acknowledges me as a part of his life, right?

Perhaps, Finnick was just being a little mean the previous times. Now, his affirmation managed to console Vivian.

“Mr. Norton, looks like you really dote on your wife,” said the hostess enviously.

Despite being a man of such high status, Finnick wore a cheap ring just because his wife was ‘frugal’. This was a greater display of love than if he gave his wife a humongous diamond ring.

Finnick cracked a small smile at the hostess’ praise and remained silent.

The award ceremony ended soon. Everyone in front of the computer screen was still immersed in shock.

“Oh my God! Mrs. Norton is so lucky. God knows how many rich men refuse to admit that they’re married! Yet, her husband is willing to wear such a cheap ring out!” A female colleague exclaimed.

“Forget it.” A male colleague could not help but rebuke jealously, “Perhaps, he’s just too stingy to buy a good ring and is merely using his wife as an excuse.”

“Pfft… Finnick can buy an entire diamond mine if he wants to. It’s impossible that he’ll be unwilling to spend on a diamond ring!” Sarah scoffed. “But, for some reason, Mr. Norton’s ring looks a bit familiar.”

Immediately afterward, someone replied, “Me too! I think I’ve seen it somewhere.”

Having a bad feeling, Vivian was about to sneak away when Sarah reacted quicker. She clapped her hands and cried out, “Oh, I remember now! Mr. Norton’s ring has the same design as Vivian’s, right?”

Vivian cursed under her breath. Under everyone’s gaze, she could only stop in her tracks and turn around.

At that moment, everyone was eagerly grabbing Vivian’s hand and exclaiming, “They’re really the same! They definitely share the same design!”

“What’s going on? Vivian, why do you have the same wedding ring as Finnick?”

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