Never Late, Never Away Chapter 290

Vivian knitted her brows. “Finnick, you really don’t have to do this for me. You should – ”

She suddenly gasped while her whole body tensed. Finnick’s hand had just drifted past the insides of her thighs.

He stared at her blushing face and chuckled. “Hmm? Vivian, just what are you thinking about?”

Hearing that, her face flushed even redder.

Gritting her teeth, she tried to change the subject. “Nothing. I was just thinking about how uncomfortable it must be for you, with your clothes sticking to your body like that.”

“Oh?” He raised a perfectly sculpted brow at her. There was a wicked look on his face now, a far cry from his normally indifferent expression. “So you’re hoping I would take my shirt off, is that it? You want me to bathe with you?”

“N-no!” Vivian could have bitten her own tongue off. No matter what she said, Finnick would always find a way to twist her words. If that was the case, she might as well keep quiet and accept his care for her.

The minutes ticked by as she watched him clean every inch of her. At last, she could not hold back anymore and blurted, “Finnick, do you really like kids so much?”

He shot her a quick glance, replying, “I only like it because it’s yours.”

Her heart skipped a beat and she could not help the smile that spread across her lips.

She placed her hand down on her abdomen, contentment filling her.

How wonderful it is to have life growing in me! From now onward, I’ll have one more person to love me; One more person to call kin other than Mom and Finnick; Someone who will rely on me for everything and whom I’ll gladly give everything in return.

Whenever a woman was pregnant, she would inevitably think about how difficult it must have been for her own mother to give birth to her.

That was why the next afternoon, Vivian went off to visit her mother. She wanted to tell Rachel the good news in person.

Ever since young, Rachel had been telling Vivian, “You’ll understand when you have your own children.” Now that she really was pregnant, she could understand what her mother meant. She was finally coming to realize just what it meant to be a mother. How proud one could feel and the sacrifices they were willing to make for their child’s sake.

On her way to Rachel’s, she went past a maternal and infant supply store. Unbidden, her footsteps slowed before stopping. She gazed at the small articles of clothing and the little booties on display, finding them absolutely adorable.

She firmly believed that her and Finnick’s baby would be either incredibly beautiful or handsome. No matter the gender, it would definitely be more attractive than either one of them.

The radiant smile on her face remained all the way to the door of Rachel’s apartment.

She had only just taken out her keys when the door swung open.

An unexpected visitor exited the apartment.

It was Benedict Morrison, the heir of the Morrison family and the older brother of Evelyn.

Rachel was doing a lot better now and was able to actually leave the confines of her bed. Presently, she was escorting Benedict to the door with a wide smile on her face.

Benedict was visibly surprised to see Vivian there but regained his composure soon enough. He greeted her politely, “Hello, Vivian.”

“Why are you here, Benedict?” Vivian was barely able to squeeze out any word. She was taken aback to see the man here.

Why would Benedict come to our house? Does he know Mom?

Rachel was also astonished. “Vivian, you two know each other?”

Before Vivian could explain, Benedict spoke up, “Ms. Rachel, I’ll be sure to come to visit you again. Please take care.”

Rachel’s gaze was fond as she laughed. “Thank you for coming over, Benny. You’re so sweet! If it had been anyone else, they would’ve treated me as a stranger after so many years!”

“Don’t worry, Ms. Rachel. I most definitely won’t do that.” Throwing a glance at Vivian, he continued, “I won’t hold you up any longer as I see you have a guest. Bye.”

“Alright. You’re welcome to visit anytime, Benny. I’ll whip up something delicious for you next time!”

What’s going on? Mom seems to be very close to Benedict! Vivian was flabbergasted at what she was seeing.

Benedict bid Vivian a courteous goodbye before he left.

After he left, she stepped into the house.

She noticed that Rachel had brought out their best tea leaves to serve Benedict. Thinking on it further, she decided that was not surprising. Even if Rachel were not close with Benedict, she would still serve him their best tea due to his status alone.

Turning to her mother, she asked, “Mom, how did you get to know Benedict? You two seem very familiar with each other.”

Rachel brought over some snacks before sitting down.

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