Never Late, Never Away Chapter 295

Vivian retorted sharply, “Fabian, I won’t end up like my mother because Finnick is not Harvey Miller.”

Her protectiveness of Finnick sent pain shooting through Fabian’s heart.

She added, “Fabian, I really hope you’ll give Finnick and I your blessings.”

She knew Fabian hated her husband. That was why he sent her off to interview Benedict. He wanted her to find out what sort of man Finnick was so that she would leave him.

Too bad for Fabian, his plan failed. She had already fallen in love with Finnick long before then.

“I won’t give you my blessings! Never!” Fabian roared, “Vivian, you know I love you! Yet you married another man and are going to have his child. Can you blame me for being upset?”

Taking a deep breath, he continued his lament, “Do you have any idea how sad I was when I heard you are pregnant? Vivian, I can’t forget you. I can’t forget about all our memories together…”

There was no way to reverse time. The same could be said for love. You either loved someone or you did not. There was nothing reasonable or logical about love. It just was.

Sighing, Vivian practically pleaded, “Fabian, forget about me. You can’t always live in the past; you still have a long way ahead of you! Ever since you left me all those years ago, fate had already decided we’re not meant to be together.”

Fate had already decided we’re not meant to be together.

Fabian was struck speechless at her words. If only he had not abandoned her back then; If he had chosen to trust her, they would not be in this situation today…

Who else could he blame but himself? Vivian was not in the wrong here.

Vivian thought Fabian was calling her into his office so that he could assign her an interview or something. Now, she realized it was purely for personal reasons. He just wanted to persuade her to leave Finnick again.

Since there was no point in lingering in his office any longer, she said, “Mr. Norton, if there’s nothing else, I’ll be taking my leave.”

Fabian was on the verge of a mental breakdown. It would seem like there was really no hope for him and Vivian anymore.

“Vivian, is it really not possible between us? Do you honestly have no feelings for me? Not even the slightest bit? I don’t believe that…”

Vivian had to admit she used to love him, so very deeply. Yet after everything that had happened, her feelings for him became nothing more than memories of her youth. In those memories, she loved him and the feeling was mutual.

However, in the real world, right now and for the rest of her life, she would only love Finnick.

She replied softly, “Don’t forget that Ashley is pregnant too. You should focus all your love on her and your unborn child. Fabian, there’s really no going back for us.”

“Vivian, it’s still not too late for us to get back together! As long as you’re willing to return to my side, I’m willing to start things over again! We can leave this country and begin a new life somewhere else! I can give up everything for you!” He cried out with desperation lacing his every word.

Vivian sighed. Why can’t he understand? Why is he so hung up on me?

Although Ashley had a lot of flaws and was incredibly ruthless, there was no doubt that she was truly in love with Fabian. He really should be cherishing her.

Just as Vivian was about to persuade him again, there was a knocking sound from the door. It was Shannon.

She entered the office, noting the fury simmering in the air.

Not wanting them to direct their anger on her, she spoke up carefully, “Mr. Norton, this is the draft for Benedict Morrison’s interview about his antique fair. These are the photos. Please check if you’re satisfied with the typesetting. Senior Editor Jenson is waiting for your approval before she proceeds.”

Fabian’s expression was stony as he accepted the draft. He flipped through it quickly, not expecting a lot of issues.

The mere mention of Benedict was already more than enough to catch the readers’ attention. Those beautiful photos of him would only serve as a prop. The article itself had even fewer problems. Vivian was the one to write up the script before the interview so he had already seen it then.

He nodded at Shannon. “Everything looks great.”

Signing at the bottom, he handed the draft back to her.

She smiled at Fabian and snuck a sideways glance at Vivian before she left.

Upon stepping out of this office, Shannon mulled over what she had seen. Both of them had differing expressions on their faces. Fabian looked angry and frustrated while Vivian’s brows were knitted deeply in displeasure.

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