Never Late, Never Away Chapter 296

Their conversations were inaudible to her, but it did not seem like work matters…

Shannon thought of how Ashley had made her keep an eye on Vivian, and also how she had managed to snap the picture of Fabian forcing a kiss on Vivian. Together with the recent news of Vivian’s pregnancy, she felt that the matter must be more complicated than that.

Should I inform Ashley? Is there something wrong with Vivian’s child?

Shannon thought about it for a long time before deciding to give it up. Never mind if I offend Ashley, it would be worse to offend Mrs. Norton and Finnick!

With this thought, Shannon went back to her work as if nothing happened.

After Shannon left, Fabian continued the conversation with Vivian in the office.

Fabian continued, “Vivian, you should remember when I got you to interview Benedict, it was with the hopes that you will see how fake and heartless Finnick really is! For the sake of his own life, he abandoned Evelyn who was completely infatuated with him. He ran away and left her to lose her life in that fire. Such a man is not worth your sacrifice at all!”

“That’s enough, Fabian!” Vivian was extremely angered. “It would have been fine had you not brought it up, but now that you mention it, how could you do that? You knew very well that Benedict was biased against Finnick, and you purposely arranged for me to interview him. Since when have you become so devious?”

Why is everyone against Finnick and they keep saying that it was his fault? What did he do wrong? Vivian felt very wronged on Finnick’s behalf as she felt that he had it so tough for so many years. She knew very well how it felt to be misunderstood.

She said, “Fabian, I love Finnick, and I will be with him for the rest of my life. No matter what you say, and no matter how others view Finnick, he is still the best man in the world to me. You can forget about it, Fabian.” With that, she opened the door and left.

Fabian could hear his own heart shatter into pieces.

He sat at his seat and watched the scenery outside as it grew bleaker by the minute.

The sight of falling leaves broke Fabian’s heart further. She was just like a leaf who had left him on a fall day like this.

He still remembered how when they were in college, Vivian loved to be with children, and would bring him to do volunteer work at the orphanage.

The children in the orphanage were very pitiful, but they were all very sensible and adorable. Vivian played really well with these children. All of them loved this big sister, and said that she was pretty and gentle.

Vivian explained that they were as pitiful as she was, with no one to love nor to pamper them. However, she was more blessed than they were, because she had Fabian and her mother—which was why she wanted to help them.

Fabian still remembered how her smile looked extraordinarily radiant under the sunlight. Just like an angel, her body looked like it was radiating light as she ran happily against the sunshine while playing with the children.

Vivian even told him that her biggest dream was to have her own child and to have her own family so as to give the child a perfect childhood, which was what she never had.

At that moment he thought, since Vivian wanted to have a complete family so much, he will tell her about his real identity upon graduation, and marry her.

However, who would have thought that fate had other plans?

With sad eyes, Fabian put his memories away.

At that moment, everything was perfect. Who would have thought that after all these years, both of them would in fact have children, just not with each other.

On the other hand, Vivian was still feeling frustrated after she left Fabian’s office. When the time was up, she immediately packed up to go home.

Lately, because of her pregnancy, Finnick had arranged for a personal car and chauffeur for her. Vivian agreed to the arrangement without hesitation as she too felt that she should not be squeezing through the subway in her pregnant state.

Because she finished work early, Finnick had not returned when she reached home. She sat on the sofa for a while before the doorbell rang.

She immediately skipped to the door excitedly.

“Finnick! You are home…”

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