Never Late, Never Away Chapter 297

When Vivian opened the door, she could not help but freeze at the sight of the person outside.

The person standing out there was not Finnick, but a completely unexpected person.

It was grandpa—the elder Mr. Norton.

He did not come alone. In fact, he had a rather large entourage with him, all of whom were carrying large and small packages containing lots of tonics.

Mr. Norton looked at Vivian lovingly and said while looking at her stomach. “Vivian, you finally did it! This is great! All these tonics are especially nutritious for pregnant ladies, so just have them. You have the greatest contribution to the Norton family right now.”

Vivian was very happy to have grandpa as a guest in their home. She immediately welcomed him into the house and offered him drinks.

The elder Mr. Norton saw how busy she was and immediately said, “Alright, stop busying yourself. Just let the maids handle it. You have to get more rest. If you can’t handle it anymore, just resign from your job and stay at home.”

Vivian felt that apart from her gastric discomfort, everything was alright and she didn’t need to resign from her job yet.

Moreover, it was not easy for her to build up her career at the magazine company. She could not bear to just resign from her job just like that.

Vivian said, “Grandpa, don’t worry, I know what I am doing.”

“Alright, up to you. As long as you are happy!”

Samuel was incredibly happy when he heard that Vivian was pregnant. Finnick was his favorite grandson, and naturally he would love his child.

Vivian felt that Samuel was becoming much more amiable towards her.

Even though Samuel was old, he was still authoritative. Everyone was respectful yet fearful of him. Even though he did not have Finnick’s aura, it was clear that he used to be an influential person in the business arena. However, he was just a friendly old man in front of Vivian right now.

While Vivian was preparing some snacks, Samuel could not help but ask her, “Vivian, they say that a mother’s intuition is the strongest. Do you think you are carrying a boy or a girl?”

She really had not thought about this at all. It didn’t matter whether it was a boy or girl…

When he saw Vivian’s innocent face, Samuel could tell that she didn’t know anything as this was her first pregnancy. Without blaming her, he merely said, “If you are craving for sour food, it would be a boy. If you are craving for spicy food, it would be a girl. How’s your appetite lately? Have you been craving for sour food? I remember when your grandma was pregnant, she threw up so much and loved eating sour food, the sour the better. She ate up quite a few baskets of lemons!”

Lemon? That mere thought caused Vivian to have acid reflux.

“No, Grandpa, I’ve just been throwing up a lot. I don’t have any special craving for sour nor spicy tastes.”

“It’s normal to be nauseous. Don’t worry and just relax. I see that your complexion is not as good as it used to be, so it is time to focus on your health.”

Indeed, Vivian also felt that her complexion was bad lately, and her appetite was really poor as well. Together with her nausea, she had lost more weight.

Samuel said, “Actually, I would love her even if she were a girl. I will train her up to be the heir of the Norton family as well. When she grows up, I will send her abroad to the top schools in the world. Don’t worry too much. It is not good for the baby.”

Vivian could not help but flinch slightly when she heard him.

She did not expect the elder Mr. Norton to place so much emphasis on their child. He was actually saying that he wanted this child to be the heir of the Norton family?

Moreover, there was more than one branch in the Norton family. At Mark’s branch, Fabian and Ashley were about to have their child too.

Even though she knew that the old man was definitely biased, she did not expect him to be that biased. Wouldn’t Mark be completely pissed to find out what the elder Mr. Norton was really thinking about?

Vivian frowned and could not help but ask quietly, “Grandpa, if you love Finnick so much, will Mark…”

The old man suddenly sighed at the mention of Norton family’s current situation. He said, “Mark… He is too defensive when it comes to Finnick, and behaves as if Finnick were his arch rival instead of his brother. He was like this as a child, but who knew that he would still be like this after he grew up? Sigh… This is such a family tragedy. Even though Finnick is now the glamourous Norton, and also the president of Finnor Group, he does not even hold any company shares. I am indeed guilty as his grandpa.”

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