Never Late, Never Away Chapter 298

Vivian was shocked when she heard that.

Under Finnick’s leadership, the Finnor Group managed to achieve greater heights every year. Based on his capabilities alone, how could Finnick not hold any company shares to the Finnor Group?

Vivian asked grandpa, “How is that possible? Why? Finnick is part of the Norton family too, shouldn’t he have it?”

Samuel said, “Of course he should! Actually, I’ve been meaning to transfer some shares to Finnick. However, Mark has been giving a lot of pressure to the board of directors, causing them to not dare to take any rash actions. They have always acted according to Mark’s directions. Sigh, they are all a bunch of useless trash. As long as it is not approved by the board of directors, Finnick’s shares would always be up in the air.”

“Then wouldn’t that mean that Mark singlehandedly owns the Norton family shares?”

Samuel nodded and smirked, “That’s right. Luckily, you are pregnant. This time, Finnick will finally have a reason to receive the shares. Vivian, this is the reason why I have been wanting Finnick to get married early, and for you to get pregnant soon! The Norton family can do without Mark but we cannot be without Finnick!”

Vivian’s eyes twinkled.

Mark was probably so defensive when it came to Finnick because of the elder Mr. Norton’s obvious bias.

She could not say anything else apart from a whisper, “Grandpa, you are so nice to Finnick.”

To which he replied, “Finnick resembles me the most and I do love him a little more. Moreover he has a kind heart. Don’t judge him by his icy exterior as all these were because of something that had happened ten years ago. He used to be very friendly as a child, and was extremely talkative. Now that I am old, I can’t control everything, so I feel bad for him as well.”

His hidden meaning was clear. Not only did he like Finnick, but he also felt bad for this grandson.

When Vivian heard him say all that, she could not help but be curious.

Mark was indeed evil, cunning and extremely greedy. Despite having so many of the Norton family shares in his hand, he was still so fearful of Finnick that he went to the extent of kidnapping and even attempting to take Finnick out. This kind of brother was indeed frightening.

Vivian felt very bad for Finnick. Apart from his grandfather’s love, the rest of this family viewed him as their enemy.

Instead of getting the things he was entitled to, he had to support such a huge group by himself.

Not only must he be very hardworking, but he also had to pretend to be disabled in front of others. It was something very painful and tiring.

Samuel continued chatting about everyday matters with Vivian. After a while, he got up and said, “Alright, I should get going. I just wanted to drop by to see you. Now that I see that you are fine, I feel less worried too. Do take care of yourself.”

Vivian was about to put on her coat to see him out, but he stopped her and said, “It’s fine, I don’t need you to send me off.”

Shortly after he left, someone pressed the doorbell at Vivian’s home again. Vivian thought that the elder Mr. Norton had left something behind, and immediately went to open the door.

However, when she opened the door and saw who was outside, she could not help but freeze again.

It was Ashley!

Ashley looked at Vivian triumphantly and said, “What’s up? Am I a monster? Look at how shocked you are! Why aren’t you welcoming me into your home yet?”

Vivian could not discern Ashley’s intention at all. She was actually bold enough to come to her! For Ashley to turn up uninvited, something bad must be about to happen.

Vivian asked her, “What are you doing here?”

“Why can’t I be here? I am here to see my lovely sister!”

Ashley pushed the door on her own and walked into the house herself. She sat on the sofa and noticed the cups and plates on the coffee table, which indicated that someone had just been here.

Behaving like the mistress of the house, Ashley said to Vivian, “Can’t you even pour a cup of tea for your guest? Where are your manners, you uncouth peasant?”

Vivian had no choice but to shut the door and asked Ashley, “Just say it. Why are you looking for me?”

Ashley suddenly sniggered, “Who is looking for you? I am looking for Mr. Norton. You better keep your nose out of our business! Pour the tea!”

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