Never Late, Never Away Chapter 299

Indeed, Ashley was here for Finnick. Otherwise, she would never have this courage to do so.

Vivian replied impatiently, “You better leave. Finnick is not here.”

“Not here?” Ashley saw that the house seemed very quiet, and that Finnick should not be there. However, she did not look like she was about to leave. “If he is not here, I’ll just wait for him then.”

With that, she sat on the sofa, ran her fingers across the leather and said sarcastically, “Oh, your sofa is not bad, isn’t it? Handmade Italian leather? Vivian, you’ve indeed made it for yourself.”

Vivian was about to throw her out, but she was reminded that Ashley was Finnick’s savior. So, it wouldn’t do to just chase her out. Vivian had no choice but to remain quiet.

Ashley walked around their house.

This house may not be as big as the Miller Residence, but it was done up in a luxurious manner. Every single bead of the chandelier in the living room was made out of real crystals. She could tell from one glance based on its shine.

She could barely hide her jealousy by now.

Who did Vivian, the illegitimate daughter think she was to live in such a nice place?

At the same time, Vivian brewed another pot of hot tea and poured a cup for Ashley.

Ashley shot her a glance and held her head high. “Look at the way you are pouring tea. You do look like a housemaid’s child. So professional. Hahaha!”

“Please help yourself.”

Vivian could not be bothered to argue further with her. She continued to host her politely and served Ashley some snacks that were nutritious for pregnant women. Finnick had his people buy that for her.

Actually, Vivian pitied Ashley. Her mother was forced to suffer overseas and she was not able to win over Fabian. Therefore, Ashley could only become crazier and torture Vivian more, because the former was already left with nothing.

Ashley stared at Vivian’s stomach and jeered at her, “I heard that you are pregnant too? Is it really Finnick’s? Or some random guy?”

“Ashley, can’t you just shut it?” Vivian could barely hold it anymore. “You have no reason to talk about the child in my stomach. Go and be concerned about your own child.”

“Who do you think you are to tell me what to do?” Ashley continued sneering. “Yes, you are pregnant—you are really pregnant. Just that I do hope that you are able to keep the pregnancy.”

Vivian’s face completely changed.

Ashley had crossed the line!

The more she retreated, the more Ashley attacked her. Now, she was cursing her unborn child right in front of her!

Vivian lashed out angrily, “Ashley, stop being so proud! How dare you curse my child? Are you not going to let go of a little life?”

“Why are you losing your temper for?” Ashley was not going down easily. “I can say anything I want! Back then, Rachel should never have given birth to you the bastard! In the end, not only did you fight for Dad with me, but you also fought with me for my man as well. I hate you!”

As a fellow pregnant woman, Ashley’s words were really too much! Vivian was very angry but she knew that it was not good to be angered while she was pregnant, hence she decided to ignore her.

Vivian remembered when she was little and first laid eyes on Ashley, she felt that her biological sister looked very beautiful and adorable. In her expensive and exquisite clothing, she looked just like a little princess.

Vivian really liked her sister from the beginning, and was happy that she finally had a little sister.

However, who would have expected that it was this sister that hated her the most. She has done so many cruel things to land her into trouble—she was completely unforgivable!

Seeing that Vivian did not refute her, Ashley’s words fell flat. However, when her eyes landed on Vivian’s stomach, a glint went through her eyes and she laughed sarcastically, “Vivian, don’t assume that you are so important with this pregnancy of yours. Remember that the higher your climb, the harder you will fall. Let me tell you, I am still the final winner! I am Finnick’s savior, and your family’s honored guest. If you mistreat me, I will tell Finnick. He will listen to me.”

Vivian thought of how Finnick obeyed Ashley in every way, and she did not feel good inside.

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