Never Late, Never Away Chapter 30

As Vivian’s head throbbed, she looked at the curious group of women in front of her. After mulling over it for a while, she had no choice but to explain, “Well, I guess I have to confess now. Actually, I’m Finnick’s wife. That’s why we have the same wedding rings.”

The room became dead silent.

No one uttered a single word.

Soon, everyone suddenly burst into a fit of laughter.

“Haha! Vivian, you’re so funny! You actually said that you’re Finnick’s wife!”

Vivian laughed alongside everyone else, but she secretly felt relieved.

Indeed, instead of denying it, I should just admit it as a joke and evade this topic.

Still, she still pretended to be unhappy. “Why are you laughing? Why aren’t you believing me? Am I really that bad?”

“Vivian, of course, you’re not bad.” Sarah was laughing so hard that she had already teared up. “But he’s Finnick Norton! He’s like someone from another world. There’s no way that he’ll be involved with people like us.”

Vivian chuckled softly.


Logically speaking, Finnick and I are like people from different worlds. Our relationship only became so intimate because of an unexpected turn of events—just like how the ring looks so out of place on Norton’s finger.

Yet, he still wears it.

Upon that thought, Vivian’s mood improved. Flicking Sarah’s forehead with her fingers, she said, “That’s enough. Go and do your work now!”

“We’ve already revised the draft. All that’s left to do is for it to be printed. We have nothing to do now anyway.”

Indeed, there was nothing much to do today. Hence, after Vivian sat down, she scrolled through Twitter out of boredom.

However, once she went into Twitter, she spotted ‘Finnick Norton’s Wedding Ring’ at the top of the trending list.

What the heck? How can this piece of news even enter the trending list? People’s yearning for gossip is really too strong.

Curious, Vivian clicked on the search and saw a bunch of posts made by excited fangirls.

Mr. Norton is really the best man in the world! I don’t like any other men now. He’s my only love!

Who’s Mrs. Norton? Appear right now and let’s have a showdown!

I just want to say that the wedding ring’s design is XXX. I bought it too! Hahaha! Your ring has the same design as Mr. Norton’s. I have a feeling that it’ll become extremely popular.

Amused, Vivian read the fangirls’ posts. However, when her gaze landed on a certain post, she was stunned.

Mr. Norton is so in love right now. However, while everyone rejoices over his current wife, his ex-girlfriend despairs. I wonder how she’ll feel if she witnesses this from Heaven?

Ex-girlfriend? In Heaven?

Vivian immediately wanted to click on the account and see who posted it. However, when she clicked on it, the person had already deleted the post.

Feeling puzzled, she barely had time to mull over it before her phone buzzed.

It was a WhatsApp message from Finnick.

Stunned, Vivian clicked on it immediately.

[I’m coming home at six in the evening today. Let’s eat dinner together.]

Vivian could not even explain why her lips unknowingly curved into a grin when she read Finnick’s message.

She even forgot the awkwardness between them before Finnick left. Now, all she could feel a sense of anticipation. She no longer needed to return to an empty house anymore.

After making it till dismissal time, Vivian left work on the dot and hailed a cab.

When she returned to the villa and entered, she saw a familiar figure sitting in a wheelchair.

She suddenly felt like she had found the missing puzzle in her daily life.

“Finnick.” After taking off her shoes, she walked into the living room and called out to him. Finnick turned around.

His face was as handsome as before. Although she had already seen him on the computer screen this morning, now that she was looking right at him, she suddenly felt like everything was a dream.

On the other hand, when Finnick saw Vivian, he felt extremely relieved, as if a burden had been lifted off his shoulders.

When she did not reply to his WhatsApp message, he thought that she was unwilling to eat dinner with him because of what happened that night.

“You’re home.” Although Finnick felt relieved, he still maintained a nonchalant expression on his face. “Molly has already prepared dinner. Let’s go and eat.”

Although she looked forward to meeting Finnick, when she finally saw him, the unhappy incident that happened before he left suddenly surfaced in her mind. Feeling awkward, she merely mumbled an acknowledgement before following Finnick to the dining room.

Molly and Liam were tactful people. Knowing that Finnick and Vivian had not met for days, they left immediately after serving the dishes.

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