Never Late, Never Away Chapter 300

Ashley did not stop there. “Vivian, let me advise you to not be too arrogant. Don’t think that your status has elevated in the Norton family just because you are carrying a child. Let me tell you, the more you hope, the more disappointed you will be!”

Vivian felt that there was a hidden meaning in Ashley’s words, and it unsettled her. She could not help but frown, “Ashley, you are pregnant too. Aren’t you worried about retribution when you say things like these? Why should the next generation bear the burden of our grudges?”

“Grudges?” Ashley’s voice became shrill instantly. “Vivian William, listen carefully. You and I have grudges from the past life to this, and you can never run away from it. My mother is overseas and can’t do anything to you, but I will make you pay back in double and more! Also, did you know how much your mother Rachel made my mother cry? Therefore, I hate you. I hate you so much I want all of you to die, including your child!”

“Ashley!” Vivian just wanted to throw her out of the door. “If you are here just to insult me, please leave immediately. This is my home!”

“Well, I’m not leaving! I’m not leaving!” Ashley shouted angrily with a stubborn and indignant look on her face. “I tell you, I want to see Finnick, not you! I’m not leaving! If I leave, Finnick will ask me to come back and he will blame you for it! I am his savior, you hear that? I am his savior!”

Vivian suddenly felt a bout of dizziness attack her brain. If she continued like this with Ashley, she could affect her pregnancy.

If Ashley wanted to throw a tantrum, she was welcome to do so.

“In that case, you can sit here and wait. I won’t be here with you.” Vivian left the living room and returned to her bedroom.

“Hey Vivian, what kind of attitude is this? Is this how you treat your savior? Let me tell you, Vivian, I can guarantee worse days are ahead of you!”

Ashley’s voice rose behind Vivian. For some reason, Ashley looked a little triumphant, which seemed rather foreboding to Vivian, as if something were about to happen.

However, what could Ashley do now, even with Finnick’s repayment?

The sight of Vivian hiding back in her room made Ashley feel triumphant. However, it wasn’t the height of victory and she was not completely satisfied yet.

As Finnick’s savior, Ashley walked around freely in Vivian’s house.

She saw that their furnishings consisted of expensive rare items, and could not help but feel jealous again. A look into the rest of the house also showed the latest designs by the current top designers.

There was every kind of household electrical item in the house. They were all the latest products with many smart household items amongst them as well. It seemed like they were living at the tip of modernity in absolute comfort.

Who did Vivian the illegitimate daughter think she was to enjoy such luxury and to bask in the love from a man like Finnick?

Sadly, she was now in my hands. This will be the end for her! She won’t be enjoying this lifestyle for much longer. I will definitely make her lose every single thing!

Ashley purposely feigned thirst and shouted, “Oh no, I’m really thirsty. Vivian, get me some tea.”

“Didn’t you just have tea?” Vivian replied from her bedroom. “How can you be thirsty again so soon?”

Ashley shouted, “You are pregnant as well. Don’t you know that pregnant women are always thirsty?”

Yes, I’d changed the green tea to fruit tea because I knew that she is pregnant. In the end, there is no gratitude from Ashley at all. Vivian was completely disappointed in Ashley.

She walked out of her bedroom and poured tea for Ashley once again.

Ashley picked up her cup. Suddenly, her hand shook and she spilled the hot tea on the floor, nearly splattering the tea on Vivian as well!

“You!” Vivian covered her stomach subconsciously.

Ashley spoke vehemently, “You nearly scalded me! Vivian, how evil of you! You are trying to harm my baby, aren’t you? You are jealous that I am carrying Fabian’s child, and you are jealous that Finnick had forgiven me and accompanied me for a whole day in the hospital. And for that, you tried to scald me with hot tea? You are such a scheming person! Let me tell you, if anything happens to my baby, you will be the first one to suffer for it!”

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