Never Late, Never Away Chapter 301

“Ashley, don’t you accuse me! You actually did it on purpose!” Vivian felt a flash of irritation and would have lost patience with her if it was not for the fact that she was Finnick’s savior.

“I did it on purpose?” Ashley shot her a murderous glare. “Well, let me show you what you meant!”

She raised her arm abruptly and was going to slap Vivian in the face.

Right then, the door opened when the slap was about to fall on Vivian’s face.

Noah entered the villa, together with Finnick in his wheelchair.

Their attention was instantly drawn to Ashley with her arm raised. They looked at her in wide-eyed surprise.

She immediately retracted her hand and tidied her hair with that hand. Ashley then greeted Finnick with a cheerful smile, “Hello, Mr. Norton!”

However, he stared at her with a cold expression. “What are you doing here?”

“I’m waiting for you, Mr. Norton. You have finally come back!” Ashley laughed drily.

Finnick then glanced at Vivian and noticed her expression darkened. He guessed the two women did not get along well whenever they were alone at home.

Though he sneered and remained silent, his cold-eyed gaze had already revealed his displeasure. Upon seeing the three cups on the table, Finnick felt strange and asked, “Vivian, has someone else been here?”

She lowered her head and answered, “Yeah, grandpa was here. He brought us some gifts.”

“Grandpa?” Finnick was taken aback. After knowing Vivian was pregnant, his grandfather was so pleased, but Finnick did not expect him to visit her personally and bring her some gifts.

It seemed that elder Mr. Norton had accepted Vivian as his granddaughter-in-law.

At the same time, Ashley was jealous to learn that the old man visited Vivian.

Though she got pregnant earlier than Vivian, elder Mr. Norton only complimented her and had never cared about her so much, let alone visiting her in person. She received nothing from him, not even a gift box!

Ashley responded jealously, “Wow! Elder Mr. Norton treated you differently! The Norton family made a fuss over your pregnancy!”

Upon hearing that remark, Finnick stared at her, and his expression darkened. “Ashley, why are you looking for me?”

“Mr. Norton, I came to see you for something, but of course, I also came to visit my dear sister too!” Ashley replied with a forced smile.

Vivian could not help but feel funny after hearing her words.

Suddenly, Ashley was so impudent that she ordered, “Vivian, pour me another cup of tea. Don’t spill it this time!”

Vivian frowned as she was reluctant to do so. Still, she bent down to pick up the teapot just because she did not want Finnick to feel awkward in front of his savior.

All of a sudden, Finnick stretched out his arm to stop her from pouring the tea.

Vivian was stunned. She then raised her head and stared at Finnick.

He looked impassive, but his eyes had darkened in controlled anger. Rage flowed through him like lava.

All of them could sense his anger!

Noah tried to ease the tense atmosphere immediately. “Let me pour the tea! How dare you order Mrs. Norton to do that! You don’t deserve it!”

Though Ashley was annoyed, she did not dare to lose her temper. She could only justify, “Vivian, is that how you treat me? Finnick, why are you so worried? She’s just pouring a cup of tea and you’re being overprotective! One should express one’s gratitude, or else we’d be mocked for being ungrateful. Am I right, Mr. Norton?”

Noah was exasperated. “Ashley, how dare you talk to Mr. Norton like that!”

“Shut up! Who do you think you are?” Ashley continued relentlessly, “Don’t take yourself too seriously! You’re just an assistant!”

Noah’s face turned pale, and he was rendered speechless.

Finnick finally lost patience with her and uttered, “Ashley Miller!”

He then sneered, “I’m going to ask you one last time. What are you doing here? If you’re here to pick on my wife, I’m sorry that you are not welcomed!”

Finnick toned down his voice, but it sounded even more frightening. He shot Ashley a warning glare, and his eyes were blazing murderously.

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