Never Late, Never Away Chapter 302

His words and expression startled Ashley. However, she felt embarrassed and vented her anger on her sister. “Vivian, look at you! You’re turning your back on me! Do you really think you can sever your relationship with the Miller family? You’re Harvey Miller’s daughter! Don’t ever think of breaking this relationship off!”

She then turned to look at Finnick and continued, “Mr. Norton, I heard Vivian is pregnant, so I purposely came to visit her and see if she is doing fine.”

Ashley thought Finnick would treat her politely after she came up with that excuse.

Much to her surprise, Finnick sneered and warned her with an icy tone, “Ashley, you’d better not go too far! I can repay you for saving my life, but you don’t seek trouble against Vivian as she owes you nothing!”

His voice hardened ruthlessly. Again, Ashley was startled by his austere warning.

However, she mocked him after a while. “Mr. Norton, are you trying to confront me? Don’t forget that I’m your savior!”

Ashley was sitting on the couch with her arms crossed. She was so confident that Finnick would think of her kindness and endure her rudeness after hearing those words. Therefore, she continued, “Don’t you want to repay my kindness? You even said that husband and wife shall unite and face everything together, didn’t you? Are you now going back on your words? Can’t I ask your wife to pour me a cup of tea since I’m a guest? She became more precious after she got pregnant, didn’t she? After all, she’s just an illegitimate…”

“Ashley!” Finnick interrupted her before she could finish her words.

She was taken aback. When she raised her head to look at Finnick, his stony stare and disdainful expression froze in place.

He then uttered coldly, “Get out!” It was apparent that he could not be bothered to talk to Ashley anymore.

She was completely stunned.

Ashley then sprang up from the couch, feeling annoyed. “What do you mean? How could you treat your savior…”

“I don’t care if you’re my savior! I won’t forgive you if you offend Vivian!” Finnick interrupted her again and shot her a frosty glare.

Ashley was utterly shocked at Finnick’s words and his cold stare. She felt like she was trapped in a dungeon.

She regarded Finnick as someone who valued friendship and loyalty highly. Thinking that he would appreciate her kindness as his savior; hence, she seized the chance to make things difficult for Vivian.

Unfortunately, things did not turn out the way she desired.

Damn it! I’ve underestimated the significance of Vivian to Finnick.

Wait a minute—no, I can’t fall out with him! I can still take advantage of him!

When that thought crossed Ashley’s mind, her expression changed abruptly. While caressing her stomach, she responded stubbornly, “Ah, I’m so sorry! It’s normal for a pregnant woman to have mood swings and become easily irritated, but I believe Vivian is tolerant so she will definitely forgive me. After all, she is pregnant too!”

Ashley emphasized the word “pregnant” to remind others that she and Vivian were both pregnant and they deserved the same treatment.

Meanwhile, Vivian was utterly dumbfounded to learn that Finnick was so protective of her.

Knowing that he cared so much about his savior, she had prepared to endure the insults hurled by Ashley, even though she was aggrieved.

Much to her surprise, Finnick defended her.

Vivian was touched and was not bothered by those nasty provocations anymore. She then glanced at Ashley coldly and warned, “Since you’re pregnant, you’d better quickly tell us why you’re here, then go home and rest after sorting it out!”

Ashley stared back at her with an expression of sullen resentment and scoffed, “I’m here to see Mr. Norton. Those who are not involved can leave now!”

Immediately, Finnick felt a flash of irritation. However, Vivian did not want to get into an argument with her, so she took the initiative to back off. “Alright, I’ll go back to my room and get some rest!”

She did not bother to spare Ashley a glance and left immediately.

Finnick’s expression turned stony and his eyes darkened in pent-up anger. He glared at Ashley and questioned her, “What are you doing here?”

“I’m short of money recently. Give me some money!” Ashley requested unceremoniously.

“You are asking for money again?” Noah grumbled.

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