Never Late, Never Away Chapter 303

In fact, Finnick had given Ashley a lot of money. How could she be so greedy?

“Why can’t I ask for money?” Ashley made a sarcastic remark. “I saved your life before. Are you not going to save me when I’m now in trouble? Oh well, Mr. Norton left his first love behind in the fire and didn’t save her, let alone a kind passer-by like me!”

Finnick’s expression darkened after hearing her remark. “How much do you want?”

“At least thirty million!”

Finnick was absolutely disgusted by that greedy face. He turned his wheelchair and ordered Noah to send Ashley out, with his back facing that woman. “I’ll transfer the money to your account.”

After achieving her goal, she couldn’t suppress a triumphant smile and stood up to leave.

When Ashley walked toward the door, a cold warning came from behind. “You’ll pay the price if you ever disturb Vivian again!”

Her legs went jelly with fear, and she nearly fell to the ground.

Well, Fabian is soft-hearted and amenable if compared to this guy. I may have to go through shit to take advantage of Finnick’s weakness!

Luckily, I’m his savior and shall remain safe! Oh well, I can still reap a lot of benefits as long as I don’t cross the line or harm Vivian!

Thinking of that, Ashley once again held her head up and walked out.

After she left, Finnick called Noah over and instructed, “Transfer forty million to Ashley’s account.”

Noah stared at Finnick anxiously. “Mr. Norton, how could you accede to her request? This woman is so greedy!”

“It’s nothing so long as I can repay her kindness with money,” Finnick replied indifferently.

“Ashley is so unreasonable and wilful. Are you sure she is the kind-hearted girl who saved you before?” Noah could not help but doubt her.

“Oh well, maybe she lost her kind spirit over the years, or maybe this is her true self, but she took pity and rescued me at that time by coincidence!” Finnick was tired and continued, “No matter what, she is the one who saved me undoubtedly.”

Still, Noah wanted to express his grievance “I…”

“That’s enough! You may leave now!” Finnick stopped him while moving his wheelchair.

“Alright!” Noah had no choice but to leave.

Meanwhile, Ashley was in a cab, looking at the bank deposit notification on her phone with a satisfied smile on her face. She knew she could always demand Finnick for money. Ha! I can’t go wrong with this!

She then raised her head and ordered the cab driver, “Take me to Belfast Hospital.”

Upon hearing that, the driver frowned and replied, “Miss, that’s far! Why don’t you go to the hospital nearby?”

“No! I want to go to Belfast Hospital!” Ashley’s expression darkened.

During a breezy autumn night ten years ago, a slender figure staggered out of a warehouse at the foot of a barren mountain, leaving bloodstains on the ground wherever he stepped.

That boy forced himself to move quickly, even though he was weak. The wound on his leg was bleeding, and his leg was getting cold and numb. He knew he could not save his leg if the wound kept bleeding.

Still, he had to run and look for Evelyn.

That boy was yelling and searching around desperately in a vain attempt to locate Evelyn. In the end, he was exhausted and fell on the grass field, losing his voice.

At that moment, he was drowned in despair.

It was late at night and most people would not come to this deserted place, let alone saving him.

That boy did not have much food and water the entire day. He lost so much weight that any not-so-strong adult could pick him up effortlessly.

Staring at the pitch-black sky, he sank in thought.

I would probably die here!

Oh well, maybe Evelyn is waiting for me! I can accompany her, but I’m going to let grandpa and the others down.

Thinking about that, Finnick slowly closed his eyes, gave up the struggle, and waited quietly for death…

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