Never Late, Never Away Chapter 305

“Hey, wake up! Wake up!”

In the past ten years, looking for that little girl had become his habit. It was even more obsessive than looking for the mastermind of the kidnapping. He was unsure whether that obsession was just for repaying her kindness or what.

Finnick only knew that little girl was his only hope in those countless nightmares. She was the light shining in the darkness and had a special meaning to him.

Unfortunately, that so-called meaning had turned into ridicule.

Finnick was disappointed when he realized Ashley was that little girl.

He did not expect the girl whom he had been searching for to turn out to be a disgusting woman.

“Finnick!” Vivian’s voice came from behind suddenly and interrupted his thoughts.

He turned and saw Vivian coming out of the bathroom after her shower.

Looking at her blushing cheeks, the worries in his heart vanished.

Finnick then smiled bravely and set aside those cranky thoughts in his mind.

Ashley? So what? She’s nothing to do with me!

He no longer required the phantom from a decade ago to save him from those nightmares anymore because he had someone who was more important.

It was a weekend the following day.

Finnick went out for a meeting, and Vivian was going to visit Rachel during her rest day.

Much to her irritation, she saw an unexpected visitor when she arrived at the small apartment, carrying bags of stuff, including fruits and supplements.

Vivian’s expression turned frosty on the spot while Rachel’s expression darkened like thunderclouds.

“What are you doing here?” Vivian asked angrily.

It was Harvey!

He looked at Vivian and greeted her with a friendly smile, “Hi, Vivian, you’re here!”

“What are you doing here? Who asked you to come?” Vivian questioned him in annoyance.

“Oh dear, don’t get angry! This is bad for the baby!” Harvey immediately held Vivian by her wrist and brought her to the couch, finding topics to chat with her.

“You knew about it?” Vivian’s expression was still frosty. She had never enjoyed chatting with Harvey whom she regarded as an “insignificant” character in her life.

Apart from the fact that Harvey raped her mother and being her biological father, he was nothing but a stranger to her.

“Yeah!” He poured Vivian a cup of tea and continued, “You should have told me this good news!”

“Oh really?” She could not be bothered to chat with Harvey. “Are you done talking? If there’s nothing else, you can leave now!”

“Vivian, how could you talk to me like that?” The look of irritation crossed Harvey’s face.

However, knowing that Finnick would not let go of him if he offended Vivian, he immediately softened his tone. “Hey, I was too agitated! I’m sorry to have frightened you!”

Looking at Harvey’s fickle expression, Vivian was utterly disappointed.

“Ahem!” He cleared his throat and said, “Well, since Emma has left and Rachel has almost recovered, I want to bring Rachel back to our home. Finnick can also save the cost of getting a housemaid. After all, we can provide much better care to your mom. Vivian, what do you think?”

“No need!” Vivian rejected him without hesitation, as she was unsure of his intention. She then continued, “We appreciate your kindness. Mom is doing great here and you don’t have to worry. Why don’t you take good care of Ashley if you have the time? After all, she’s your precious daughter and I’m nothing to you!”

“Vivian, what are you talking about?” Harvey did not expect Vivian to refuse his good intention resolutely, and the rhetoric that he had prepared long ago became futile.

Vivian ignored him and questioned him in return, “By the way, are you not going to care about Emma? She’s suffering abroad!”

Harvey turned and snorted. “Vivian, I’ve never fallen for Emma. I’m always in love with Rachel, but I’ve married Emma because of her family background. Since they are no longer in power, and I don’t have to rely on them anymore, I want to be with your mom.”

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