Never Late, Never Away Chapter 306

Looking at Harvey incredulously, Rachel was really upset with his words.

Though Vivian knew Harvey was a heartless man, she did not expect him to treat Emma in such a way.

How I wish I could drain all the blood from my body so that I could sever ties with this scumbag!

“You are a heartless man!” Vivian remarked sarcastically.

Harvey disagreed and responded, “What’s wrong with that? Isn’t that what you wish for? How dare you scold me!”

Vivian did not bother to speak anymore and ordered, pointing at the door, “Get out now!”

Harvey was bursting with anger. “Vivian, no matter how much you hate me, I’m still your father!”

“I don’t care if you’re my father. We don’t want to see you. I’m asking you to leave now!” Vivian replied in an agitated tone.

It left Harvey no choice but to leave sulkily, as he was afraid of Finnick and tried to avoid any conflict with Vivian.

Looking at Harvey’s back, she had a lingering sadness in her eyes while recalling the past. Vivian hated him for being such a coward and despicable man.

When she was young, Harvey did not stand up for her whenever Emma bullied her.

He just watched her being bullied and was always on Emma’s side. Harvey even scolded and beat her.

If I didn’t meet Finnick, mom and I would still be bullied by them and live a hard life.

Meanwhile, Rachel’s eyes were prickling with tears after she saw a glint of sadness in her daughter’s eyes.

Vivian comforted Rachel and put her to bed before she left.

When she got home, Finnick was not there.

Suddenly, Vivian received a message from Finnick: I’ll be working overtime. She then grabbed some food and chatted to Peggy on WhatsApp while lying on the bed.

Peggy was her classmate, who was working in Sunshine City as well.

She was the only person who believed in Vivian when the latter was framed and despised by the others in the university.

Peggy sent Vivian a text message: Hey, what’s your schedule like tomorrow?

After thinking for a while, she replied: Nothing much to do. Peggy then invited Vivian to her house.

Vivian thought it was time to get together and relax, so she agreed.

When she arrived at Peggy’s house, the latter was playing with her daughter.

The one-year-old had grown up and was no longer a baby. Her arms and legs had grown and her face became more chubby. Still, she was young.

As soon as Vivian entered the house, that toddler greeted her with a crisp and sweet voice. “Hello!”

“Aww, darling!” Vivian was ecstatic and let go of her sadness instantly.

She stroked the toddler’s hair before she took a candy from her bag and gave it to that girl.

“Thank you!”

The little one then ran to the other side and continued playing.

“Hey, Vivian! It has been a while.” After Peggy got married and gave birth to her daughter, she became slightly plump, but she looked blissful and lived a happy life.

Looking at Peggy, Vivian sighed, “How time flies! We haven’t seen each other for so many years. Your daughter has grown up so much! That’s amazing!”

Peggy teased her in return. “Pretty good, huh? You got married to Finnick and didn’t tell me about that. You’re something else!”

They continued chatting happily. Peggy really cared about Vivian. After hesitating for a while, she could not help but ask, “By the way, did Finnick know about… that incident…”

Vivian replied with a faint smile, “Of course.”

Peggy was happy to learn that. “He’s so generous. Naturally, a good guy won’t mind that.”

Vivian smiled and responded, “Of course, he doesn’t mind because… he was the man!”

She explained the entire story to Peggy.

“My goodness! Both of you are destined to be together!” Peggy was amazed and smiled from ear to ear.

“That’s true! I didn’t expect that too. After going through all these ups and downs, I find that fate works in a miraculous way!” Vivian continued, caressing her stomach, “Now, I’m having his baby!”

“You’re pregnant?” Peggy stared at her in surprise.

Indeed, Vivian had been going through a lot of complicated or inexplicable experiences, which normal people could not understand.

“Yeah, I’m one-month pregnant.”

“Hey! My husband is a gynecologist. Why don’t you see him for a check-up?” Peggy asked with a mysterious look.

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