Never Late, Never Away Chapter 307

“That’s wonderful!” Vivian replied in pleasant surprise.

After waiting for half a day, Steve finally came back. He was a bespectacled and honest-looking man. It was obvious that he loved Peggy a lot, which put Vivian’s mind at ease.

After Peggy explained to him Vivian’s situation, he agreed without any hesitation.

“How do you feel recently?” he asked before checking her pulse.

“Still alright.” Vivian gave it some thought. “It’s just that my morning sickness is really bad.”

“Bad morning sickness?” Steve looked at Vivian in surprise. “You are only one month pregnant. Hence, it’s impossible to have such a huge reaction. Let me take a look. Perhaps, you have a problem with your stomach instead. It would be troublesome if that was the case.”

Just as he spoke, he placed his hand on her to check. The moment he did, his expression changed.

“What’s wrong?” Peggy asked when she saw the change in her husband’s face.

Vivian’s heart skipped a beat as she began to worry.

“You…” Steve looked up at Vivian but seemed to hold back his words. “From what I can see… you don’t seem to be pregnant.”

“How is that possible?” Vivian and Peggy exclaimed in shock.

“I’ve been going for checkups at the Norton Hospital…” Vivian mumbled to herself.

However, the way she saw it, there was no reason for Steve to lie. Hence…

Vivian suddenly realized the problem lay with the hospital.

Given what had happened, Vivian no longer had any mood to stay any longer. Taking her leave in a hurry, she hailed a taxi and headed to a nearby hospital for a checkup.

When the results came out, it was just as predicted…

Walking out of the hospital with the medical report in her hand, Vivian was in a sullen mood as she thought about what the doctor said.

She wasn’t pregnant at all. Instead, she had accidentally ingested a drug that would delay her period. Furthermore, it even harmed her stomach and caused her to throw up.

Therefore, someone was trying to make it look like she was pregnant. That person even bribed the doctors in Norton Hospital to give her a false pregnancy report.

Thinking about Samuel’s concern and Finnick’s joy, along with how delighted everybody was, Vivian suddenly felt heartbroken as if she had let them down.

Sitting on a bench at the bus stop and scrolling through her contacts repeatedly, she finally gave Finnick a call after having thought it through.

Finnick happened to be in his office when his phone rang. When he saw it was from Vivian, he answered without any hesitation.



Finnick began to panic when he heard Vivian’s sobbing voice over the phone.

“What happened?” he quickly asked.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry…” Vivian choked as she explained, “I’m not pregnant with your child. I have let everyone down.”

Finnick was stunned.

There’s no baby?

Despite being suddenly filled with disappointment, he quickly set it aside as Vivian’s sobs were breaking his heart.

“Where are you?” he answered quickly, “I’ll come and see you.”

After letting him know the hospital’s name, Vivian ended the call.

Meanwhile, raindrops began to fall and slowly got heavier, just like the tears streaming out of Vivian’s eyes and the devastation she felt in her heart.

Without an umbrella, Vivian couldn’t go back, and neither did she feel like moving. All she did was sit at the bus stop feeling dejected while the wind blew rain all over her body without her noticing.

Thinking back to how happy everyone was, Vivian felt as if she had been mocked and blamed herself for it.

Suddenly, she was swept off her feet and fell into a warm embrace, causing the cold she felt to dissipate.

Turning to look, her eyes locked with Finnick’s angry yet heartbroken gaze.

She had assumed that he was angry because she wasn’t pregnant. Curling up in his arms, she apologized repeatedly, “I’m sorry… I’m really sorry…”

However, it only served to break Finnick’s heart further.

“Silly gal, it’s not your fault. You don’t have to blame yourself.” He hugged her tightly on his lap.

“But everyone was so happy and now, I will be disappointing them.” Vivian’s voice grew increasingly meek as she spoke.

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