Never Late, Never Away Chapter 309

Finnick sneered, “Don’t think just because you have saved me that you can do whatever you want. I told you before that my gratitude comes with the condition that you don’t harm Vivian.”

Finnick was especially serious when he said those words, his gaze was so sharp as if it could pierce the depths of her heart, giving her no place to hide.

Ashley suddenly panicked and began to be afraid. Staring back at him, she asked, “Finnick, what are you planning to do to me?”

“Noah,” Finnick ordered, “lock her up first.”

Four burly men appeared and pinned Ashley to the ground.

Finnick turned around and remarked to Ashley with a smile, “Ashley, you are indeed my savior and I will repay my debt to you. However, for what you did to Vivian, I will have to exact revenge on her behalf. For the time being, just stay here and treat it as time for nurturing your baby. Meanwhile, I need to deal with someone more important. By the time I’m back, we will continue to resolve the issue between us.”

“Finnick! You can’t do this to me!” Ashley grew extremely anxious. “I’m your savior. How can you treat me this way? Do you know you will receive divine retribution for this?”

Loss for words, all Ashley wanted to do was call for Finnick to return.

“Finnick, come back! You can’t do this to me!” Ashley tried hard to struggle free and grab onto Finnick. However, she was pinned to the ground by the burly men. “Fabian and Mark will never forgive you for this!”

Finnick didn’t bother to even answer as he left right away.

When Ashley saw him leave, her heart sank and she was overwhelmed with terror.

Once she was held captive by Finnick, she knew there was no escape.

Furthermore, the reason he hadn’t harmed her was that he assumed she was his savior. If he knew…

Ashley didn’t dare think any further as she curled into a ball in fear. Trembling, she mumbled to herself, “Fabian…”

Meanwhile, at Mark’s office.

Suddenly, Harry barged into it frantically, forgetting to even knock.

“Mr. Norton, something has happened!”

“What is it?” Mark furrowed his brows.

“The Norton Corporation subsidiaries under our control have had their share prices drop massively, to the extent they have been suspended. Furthermore, they are going through a hostile takeover and the party responsible is Finnor Group.”

Mark expression changed drastically.

Finnick… Is he going to war with us?

Mark sent men to prevent the takeover immediately. But they soon reported back that it was a futile effort.

“Why did it turn out this way?”

Mark slumped in his chair while watching his screen gradually filled with green numbers until it was the only color left.

Suddenly, his phone rang on this office table, causing the desk to buzz along with it. In Mark’s ears, the usual melodious ring had triggered a sense of frustration and mockery in him.

Picking up the phone, he fumed when he saw that it was Finnick’s caller ID. He almost smashed it and threw it out the office window.

Answering the call, Finnick’s deep voice rang out from within it.

“Mark, are you happy with the present I sent you?”

“Finnick!” Outraged, Mark roared at the phone, “Why are you doing this? What do you want?”

“Nothing much.” Finnick sounded languid in contrast to Mark’s desperation. “You had sent me a present earlier. Therefore, as your brother, it would be improper of me not to return the favor.”

Mark was stunned as he wondered if Finnick had found out about what happened to Vivian.

However, he tried his best to maintain his composure. “Finnick, you realize that by doing this you will be making enemies of me?”

He was still confident that Finnick feared him as Finnick never challenged him for the shares of the Norton family.

Unfortunately, he was wrong.

Finnick sneered over the phone, “Don’t think that I haven’t done anything to you because I’m afraid of you just. If you hurt Vivian again, I will make you lose everything.”

With that, all Mark heard was the call end tone when Finnick ended the call. He was left stunned holding the phone in his hand.

The next moment, Mark smashed his phone in anger.

Ever since they were young, Finnick was more capable than him and was always Samuel’s favorite.

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