Never Late, Never Away Chapter 31

In the dining room, it was completely silent except for the clanging of Vivian and Finnick’s cutleries.

“Um…” Unable to bear such an awkward silence, Vivian took the initiative to speak, “About that night…”

“I’m sorry.”

While Vivian was still hesitating on how to bring it up, Finnick unexpectedly interrupted her.

“What?” Vivian was still stunned.

Is Finnick apologizing to me?

“I was too rash that night,” said Finnick softly. By then, Finnick had already finished his meal. He elegantly lifted the napkin and wiped his mouth.

“I was at fault too.” Since he had already apologized, Vivian naturally had to be gracious about it too. “It was rude of me to leave the family dinner. When I’m free, I’ll apologize to your grandpa.”

With regards to that night, Vivian had been thinking about it recently.

It was indeed an act of discourtesy to leave the dinner just like that, especially in front of Finnick’s grandpa. It was very unbecoming of her.

As for Fabian, although it made her slightly uneasy that Finnick investigated her background, Finnick was right too. It was impossible for him to marry a woman with an unknown past.

As for what happened afterward…

When Vivian recalled that night, the images of Finnick’s muscular body and masculine scent caused her to blush.

Vivian knew about what men and women did in bed. Since she was legally married to Finnick, she had the obligation to do it with him too.

However, she just could not bring herself to do it. Due to her reluctance, Finnick did not continue either. Hence, there was nothing for her to be angry over.

After hearing Vivian’s apology, Finnick pursed his lips. Not wanting to dwell on this topic anymore, he asked, “Vivian, is there nothing that you want to ask me?”

Stunned, Vivian suddenly remembered something.

Indeed, other than the unhappy incident that happened between her and Finnick a few days ago, many events also took place.

Gazing at Finnick, Vivian’s mind was full of queries. Not knowing how to bring them up, she could only utter, “Your leg?”

That night, she personally witnessed Finnick standing up before her. Evidently, he was not crippled.

“Just like what you saw.” Finnick did not seem surprised to hear Vivian’s question. “My legs aren’t crippled.”

“Then, why…”

“There are many reasons for it.” Finnick gave a vague reply. “But remember, you must not tell anyone about this.”

Vivian’s heart skipped a beat.

Naturally, she understood that Finnick had his own reasons for faking this. Although she did not know the details about it, she would certainly keep her lips sealed since Finnick told her to keep it a secret. Hence, she nodded.

Finnick glanced at Vivian, satisfied with her thoughtfulness. Suddenly, he recalled something and a dangerous glint flashed across his eyes. He asked in a deep voice, “Other than that, is there anything else that you’d like to ask me?”

He paused before adding, “Or rather, is there anything that you’d like to tell me?”

Vivian’s body shuddered and her face paled.

“You know about what happened two years ago, right?”

If Finnick really did investigate her background, it was impossible for him to be unaware of the incident two years ago.

Looking at Vivian’s ashen face, he replied, “Vaguely.”

Although he knew about what happened two years ago, it was the version that most people talked about. He never conducted a thorough investigation to find out the truth.

Initially, it was because he did not care. Now, it was because he hoped that Vivian would tell him herself.

The color drained from Vivian’s cheeks. Forcing a smile, she said, “Since you know about it, why did you still marry me?”

“At first, it was because I didn’t mind at all.” Finnick stared straight into Vivian’s eyes, looking like he had no intention to hide anything. “I just needed a wife in name. A gold-digger would be easy for me to manipulate.”

Hearing Finnick’s brutally honest response, Vivian could not help but smile bitterly.

So, right from the start, he had always thought that I was a woman who would sell my body for money?

For some reason, when this thought surfaced in her mind, she felt extremely despondent.

“However.” Just when Vivian was biting on her lip, she suddenly heard Finnick speak again. “I want to hear you tell me the truth behind what happened.”

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