Never Late, Never Away Chapter 310

No matter what he did, he would only receive a cursory response. However, things were different when it came to Finnick.

Finnick would always get everything first. As his elder brother, he was constantly reminded to give way to Finnick.

However, no matter what it was, everything would go to Finnick instead of him. Even when he stood by the side watching, he would be accused of being petty.

Therefore, disgruntled over the situation, he planned both the accident and kidnapping that resulted in Finnick becoming a cripple.

He assumed that by doing so, he could finally keep Finnick in check. However, he did not expect Finnick to remain in the center of attention while he continued to be sidelined by those around them, as if he was a worthless existence.

He couldn’t help but admit that Finnick was indeed the more capable one among the two of them. But, he still felt indignant that Finnick was still everyone’s favorite while he was being cast aside.

Therefore, he was not going to let Finnick beat him this time.

Meanwhile, Vivian had just woken up after her long rest and coincidentally received a call from Fabian.

Surprised at why Fabian called, she answered at once and heard his frantic voice over the phone.

“Vivian, is Finnick taking over my dad’s company on purpose? What happened? Has he gone mad? At the end of the day, we’re still family. How can he be so ruthless?”

Vivian was surprised by his words and couldn’t believe them.

She didn’t know what to say and ended the call after responding to him in a cursory manner.

Checking her phone, the news was plastered with reports of how all Mark’s companies were in trouble. It was as if there was an invisible hand strangling Mark’s companies by their throats.

At that moment, Finnick returned home.

As he came into the room with Vivian’s medication, she raised her phone and asked, “Did you do this?”

Finnick had no intention of denying. “Yes.”

He was calm as usual and not afraid of anything.

“Why?” Vivian was puzzled.

“Because it was Mark and Ashley who schemed against you by faking your pregnancy.”

Vivian was stunned.

It’s Ashley again!

No wonder she seemed to know something when I mention that I was pregnant.

“What about Ashley?” Vivian asked.

“I have locked her up. You can do whatever you want to her.”

Vivian looked at him in surprise, “Don’t you owe her a debt of gratitude?”

“If she wants to harm you,” Finnick asserted, “I’m willing to be labeled as an ingrate.”

Touched by Finnick’s words, Vivian gave him a thoughtful look.

“Forget it, just lock her up for the time being. After all, she did save you before.”

As Vivian was still weak, Finnick didn’t disturb her any further and let her rest.

Now that he had dealt with Mark, it was Ashley’s turn.

As he wheeled himself into the basement, he stayed outside and could hear Ashley’s hysterical screams from there.

“Finnick, you ungrateful b*stard! Did you forget how I painstakingly dragged you to the hospital then?”

Suddenly, Finnick froze while his expression drastically changed. He quickly wheeled himself toward Ashley. “What did you say? You dragged me then?”

Unaccustomed to Finnick’s sudden approach, Ashley fell onto the ground in fright.

Despite feeling guilty, she retorted defiantly, “Why? Are you trying to repay my kindness by harming me?”

With an exasperated expression, Finnick lifted Ashley’s chin and stared into her eyes. He demanded, “Describe to me again what exactly happened then.”

“I… I…” Ashley stuttered as she lowered her to avert his gaze. “I can’t remember anything now.”

Sensing something was amiss, Finnick grabbed Ashley.

“You’d better not lie to me, or else I’m going to make you suffer further!”

Ashley became fearful but she was already in an untenable situation. There was no way she could back down now.

“I really have forgotten.”

After pushing Ashley away, Finnick wheeled himself out.

When he left the basement, Noah enquired about what happened. Finnick replied, “The little girl from then carried me on her back instead of dragging me. I suspect Ashley isn’t the girl from back then. Noah, send men to investigate what happened.”

“Right away.”

After a few days, Vivian was fully recovered and went back to the office.

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