Never Late, Never Away Chapter 311

When Sarah and the others saw her, they quickly came over and inquired, “Vivian, is the baby alright?”

Vivian expression darkened as she replied, “The baby is gone.”

They assumed that Vivian had a miscarriage. After all, when Finnick helped Vivian apply for her emergency leave, everyone figured that something must have happened to her. Hence, they gave her a sympathetic look.

During lunchtime, everyone went out to eat. When Fabian came out of his office, he saw Vivian working on some documents alone.

“Vivian, how are you feeling?” Fabian asked after a long hesitation.

Vivian wasn’t bothered to look or even answer him.

Sensing the animosity, Fabian probed further.

“Vivian, do you know where Ashley is? And why Finnick has her locked up? Also, why did he attack my dad’s companies…”

Amidst Fabian’s incessant questions, Vivian snapped, “You should ask your dad yourself!”

Fabian was stunned as he tried to connect the dots. Does this have something to do with the baby?

He gave Mark a call immediately, “Dad, did you do something to Vivian’s baby?”

“So what if I did?” Mark replied with an exasperated tone.

Fabian was outraged. “But you promised not to harm Vivian!”

“She chose the wrong side by standing with Finnick!” Mark was already feeling irritated and Fabian’s call just made it worse. With that, he ended the call abruptly.

Fabian felt dismayed by his dad’s response.

He could feel the gulf between him and Vivian growing wider. Not only could they no longer be lovers, but they were also slowly turning into enemies.

Meanwhile, in the president’s office at Finnor Group.

Noah barged into the room with a distressed expression. He reported softly, “Mr. Norton, I’m sorry.”

Finnick looked up, “What is it?”

“I have dug further into the girl that rescued you ten years ago. When you were kidnapped, Ashley was in summer camp. Therefore, there’s no way she could have saved you.” Noah felt ashamed of himself. “I got way ahead of myself when I found the clothes and forgot to verify further. It was my mistake.”

Finnick had long felt that Ashley wasn’t the person from then and wasn’t surprised at all. Nevertheless, he still heaved a sigh of relief.

Luckily, it wasn’t Ashley.

However, Ashley was the only one who bought that piece of clothing in the whole of Sunshine City. If it wasn’t her, who else could it be?

Could it be that she had lent it to someone else? Or perhaps, it was an imitation?

Finnick felt that he had to start from scratch again.

Just when Finnick instructed Noah to continue his investigations, Vivian called to inform him that she wanted to visit her Mom. However, she didn’t know how to break the news to her. Hence, she wanted Finnick to accompany her there.

“Alright,” Finnick readily agreed. He got Noah to drive home and pick Vivian up before heading to Rachel’s small apartment.

In the end, Vivian told her mom about the pregnancy including the part where it was a lie and how Finnick had exacted revenge.

When Rachel thought about her own terrible experiences and saw that Vivian’s circumstances were equally complicated, she couldn’t help but be overwhelmed by sadness and cried in disappointment.

Rachel nagged, “How many times do I have to tell you that the rich lead complicated lives. Given your temperament, you would be easily swallowed up if you don’t watch out.”

Rachel turned to Finnick and reprimanded, “Mr. Norton, I let my daughter be with you because I believe you will be responsible and take good care of her. But, if you can’t protect my daughter, please leave her alone then.”

“Mom!” Vivian snapped at her mom.

Vivian felt what her mom said was too much as it was hardly Finnick’s fault at all.

However, Finnick apologized to Rachel sincerely, “That’s true, Ms. Rachel. This time, it was indeed my fault as I was careless to have let this happened to her. I’m very sorry about it.”


When she saw how sincere Finnick’s apology was, Rachel glared at him for a moment longer but didn’t say anything.

“Finnick, why don’t you have a seat next door. I’ll have a chat with Mom.”

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