Never Late, Never Away Chapter 313

He planned to personally deal with her.

Vivian asked, “What do you plan to do?”

“You no longer have to concern yourself with this,” Finnick replied.

Vivian had no intention of doing so either.

Back at home, she rested for the night. When she woke up the next morning, she received a call from Harvey. He screamed over the phone, “Vivian, are you trying to get the whole Miller family killed?”

Vivian furrowed her brows. “What happened?”

“I’m shocked you have the cheek to ask me still? Why don’t you check the news yourself?”

Checking her phone, Vivian realized the Miller family had been declared bankrupt. Harvey was hundreds of millions in debt and the Finnor Group was behind it all.

Harvey berated Vivian, “You ungrateful wench! How dare you conspire with a Norton to terrorize us? What are your true intentions? Even if your surname isn’t Miller, you’re still my daughter and carry my blood. Now that your sister and I are suffering while your mom has fallen sick, not only do you not care about us, you even pushed us to the brink. What are you trying to achieve by doing all this? You’re a despicable woman and an ingrate…”

As Harvey’s words grew more vulgar, Vivian’s hands began to tremble in anger.

At that moment, Finnick just came out of the bathroom and could hear Harvey’s voice thundering out of the phone. He was stunned briefly, then he snatched Vivian’s phone away from her and ended the call.

“Why did you do that?” Vivian looked up at him and asked, “Why must you destroy the Miller Group?”

“To exact revenge on your behalf. Not only for this time, but for all they have done to your mother and you for over twenty years.”

“What about Ashley?”

“I want to send her to an army labor camp in some backward country,” Finnick quipped.

Vivian was stunned and quickly understood what he meant. It wasn’t hard to imagine what would happen to a beautiful girl in such a camp.

Her heart wavered as she felt Finnick was going overboard with it. However, Finnick replied, “Don’t concern yourself with this. Just leave it to me.”

Vivian hesitated for a moment before nodding reluctantly.

She wasn’t a saint. After all that Ashley had done to her, she had no intention of intervening on her behalf.

Everyone chooses their own fate. If not for Ashley’s repeated schemes against me, she wouldn’t have landed herself in this situation.

Just when Vivian and Finnick were still talking, they suddenly heard a commotion downstairs.

Mrs. Filder came up frantically and informed them that Mark and Fabian were at the door.

Finnick instructed Vivian to rest in the room while he went downstairs alone.

However, Vivian was still worried and couldn’t help but walk to the top of the staircase. There, she saw Mark and Fabian’s faces flushing red while pleading with Finnick.

They hoped that Finnick would let Ashley go as she was still a lady after all.

Furthermore, she was pregnant and the baby was also a member of the Norton family. Therefore, they just couldn’t stand by and watch her being shipped away to some labor camp.

This time, Mark was especially remorseful.

Despite his ruthlessness, he still couldn’t bring himself to harm one of his own. The reason he had gotten Ashley to poison Vivian was that he assumed Ashley was Finnick’s savior and he would never harm her.

However, he didn’t expect that Vivian was Finnick’s red line. Once someone harmed her, his gloves would come off.

Moreover, Ashley had now been exposed for not being Finnick’s savior.

“Finnick, can’t you let it slide this time?” Mark gritted his teeth. “After all, we are all family!”

“Uncle Finnick, please, I’m begging you,” Fabian pleaded, “even if you want to fault Ashley, please let her go on the account of the child she is carrying.”

“No!” They didn’t expect Finnick to stonewall them. “When you tried to harm Vivian, you should have been prepared for such consequences.”

All Mark and Fabian felt was despair.

They knew how ruthless Finnick was. Since he had decided not to free Ashley, she was as good as dead, and that unfortunately included the child she was carrying.

Having heard what three of them had said from the staircase, Vivian suddenly had an idea.

Just when Mark and Fabian had lost all hope, she gradually descended the steps and suggested, “It’s not entirely impossible for Finnick to release Ashley, but I do have one condition.”

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