Never Late, Never Away Chapter 314

Mark and Fabian looked at Vivian in shock. They had not expected her to be willing to release Ashley.

“What is it?” Mark asked at once.

“Transfer half the shares in Norton Corporation over to Finnick,” Vivian demanded.

She remembered elder Mr. Norton had told her that Mark prevented Finnick from owning any shares in Norton Corporation. Therefore, she wanted to use to opportunity to Finnick’s advantage.

“That’s impossible!” Mark declared.

“In that case, you can forget about Ashley and the child.” Vivian declared with conviction.

Her words caused Mark’s expression to change drastically.

Even Finnick was shocked to hear Vivian’s proposal.

He didn’t expect her to be aware of such matters let alone taking his interests into account during such a time.

After hesitating for a while, Mark seethed as he replied, “Fine. I agree. Finnick, release Ashley quickly.”

At the end of the day, Ashley and her child were simply too important to lose.

However, Finnick ignored them and furrowed his brows at Vivian instead. “Ashley deserves to be punished for what she has done to you. You don’t have to accommodate my interest at your own expense.”

Vivian smiled. “It’s not a problem for me at all. I really want to do something for you.”

Finnick was touched.

Although Ashley was saved, the Miller Group wasn’t. Vivian quickly received news that Harvey, who was drowning in debt, had fled the country.

The next day, elder Mr. Norton arrived. It was the first time he came since the fake pregnancy incident.

He was more concerned about Vivian’s health and didn’t mention anything about the pregnancy.

The more considerate he was, the greater Vivian’s guilt became.

Sitting opposite him, Vivian apologized repeatedly.

“Grandpa, I’m sorry… I have disappointed you.”

“Poor child.” Elder Mr. Norton gave her a sympathetic look. “This isn’t your fault. I know that Ashley and Mark were behind this. Damn it, I didn’t expect that b*stard Mark to do something as horrible as this. He has really brought shame upon the Norton family.”

Not wanting to depress Vivian further, elder Mr. Norton changed topics. He praised Vivian for what she had done about the Norton Corporation shares.

“Thanks to you, the cloud hanging over me has been lifted.”

Having heard his words, Vivian cheered up and replied, “There’s no benefit in keeping Ashley locked up anyway. Since they desperately want her back, we might as well exchange her for the shares in Norton Corporation. That way, Finnick will get the recognition he deserves.”

“Good girl.” Elder Mr. Norton was touched. “You are just too kind and generous to everyone, always taking care of the interest of the others. Have you ever thought about yourself?”

“Me?” Vivian was briefly stunned before she replied with a smile, “What’s there to think about?’

“Aren’t you afraid of Ashley coming back for revenge?” Elder Mr. Norton shook his head. “No matter what, you have to be more careful going forward.”

After the elder Mr. Norton left, Vivian thought back to what he had just said.

Afraid of Ashley of her revenge?

So what if it comes, all I need is Finnick.

After the incident had passed, Mark, Fabian, and Ashley no longer caused any trouble for Vivian. Hence, she could finally have some peace.

After being forced by Finnick to rest at home for a few days, there was hardly anything she could do as a reporter. All she did was surf through social media.

In the midst of going through it, she posted on her Twitter account: What I thought I had was all but a fleeting shadow.

Just when she was about to log off, she suddenly received a private message.

It was from “Back to the Past”, the Twitter account that previously posted about Evelyn’s situation.

Why is that person messaging me in private?

Vivian clicked into it.

Back to the Past: Don’t be sad. Anything that doesn’t belong to you will leave sooner or later. Don’t be too bothered by it.

Vivian: Mmm-hmm, thank you.

Back to the Past: It’s alright. I just felt like saying something.

Vivian: Thank you for your comforting words. I will stay strong.

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