Never Late, Never Away Chapter 315

Vivian had a hunch that the opposing party was female. She couldn’t help but feel curious when she thought about the comments she saw previously.

Vivian: I’m sure you’re a girl. How did you know about Finnick and his ex-girlfriend?

Unfortunately, she didn’t receive a response after that.

It was as if the other party was avoiding the question by not replying.

Vivian found the situation strange but there was no way for her to ask any further as the other party seemed to have logged off.

She decided to chat again the next time they met.

After all, Vivian was curious as to who she was.

Meanwhile, at the board meeting in Norton Corporation.

After suffering at the hands of Finnick and Vivian, the position that Mark had secured was now gone in a blink of an eye. As the subsidiaries under him were on the verge of bankruptcy, he had no choice but to call for a board meeting to calm the markets and public’s nerves.

He figured that this was a foreboding sign of Finnick’s plan.

The realization made him feel extremely edgy, as if Finnick was a snake in the grass whose body had blended in with its surroundings. He was quietly watching Mark and would launch a deadly attack just when Mark was at his weakest.

Just that thought alone caused Mark to break into a cold sweat, as paranoia seemed to slowly creep into him.

However, his concerns were not without basis.

Just when Mark was giving a spirited presentation, the meeting room doors suddenly flung open.

With that, in came Noah wheeling Finnick into the room.

Mark was caught by surprise before feeling outraged. Why can’t Finnick just cut me some slack?

To hide his panic and not let the board be aware of his incompetence, Mark slammed on the table and stood up at once. He sneered, “Finnick, what are you doing here? We are having a meeting and it’s extremely rude of you to interrupt. Even if we are members of the Norton family, it doesn’t mean that you, as a chairman of other companies, can waltz in as you please and listen in on proprietary information.”

When they heard Mark’s words, the members of the board that were on Mark’s side voiced their support for him.

When Mark saw that he still wielded significant influence among the board members, he heaved a sigh of relief and waited to watch Finnick embarrass himself.

Meanwhile, Noah couldn’t stand it any longer.

Are these bunch of old fogeys all blind? It’s obvious Finnick is the more capable one. But they prefer to stand by Mark because he is easier to manipulate.

Despite Noah’s indignation, Finnick remained expressionless as he declared, “I now have half of the shares in Norton Corporation. So, why am I not qualified to join the board meeting?”

Just as he spoke, many of the directors’ expressions changed drastically.

Finnick ignored them as he took his place beside Mark in his wheelchair. Skimming through the plan Mark was presenting, he sneered, “Mr. Norton’s proposal may sound perfect, but… it’s impossible to execute.”

As Noah wheeled Finnick toward the screen, Finnick picked up a laser pen from the table and circled a few portions of it.

“Here… here… and here…”

“These plans might seem wonderful, but they are all within extremely competitive areas which are difficult to break into.”

Finnick added, “Furthermore, this proposal doesn’t factor in the resistance from our competitors. Perhaps it was devised hastily and there wasn’t made for the long term, but there are no countermeasures to how our competitors react.”

Finnick continued, “From what I can see, this isn’t even a hastily put together plan, it is more of an impractical proposal from someone who doesn’t have real experience. Therefore, Mr. Norton, if your plan is really this simplistic, you might as well just give the company up.”

Mark was infuriated by the pressure that Finnick was piling on him but there was nothing he could do about it.

However, Finnick wasn’t done with him yet.

“Oh, wait.” Finnick let out a faint smirk. What he was going to say next would cause Mark to break down.

“If I recall correctly, Mr. Norton, you recently did give your company up.”


Unrestrained, Finnick continued, “Recently, the company’s profits and stock price have both taken a dive, to the extent I can acquire them without much effort.”

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