Never Late, Never Away Chapter 316

Finnick’s words rendered the others speechless.

He spoke nothing but the truth. There was nothing they could say to refute his argument.

If only Finnick was as easy to manipulate as Mark… The board members sighed deeply in their hearts.

With Finnick’s exceptional intelligence, there was no doubt that Norton Corporation would achieve greater heights.

Alas, he acted for the Finnor Group. Unfortunately, that connoted the two companies would have to coexist as rivals.

When Finnick left, everyone held their breath. No one dared to utter a word. They were overwhelmed by Finnick’s overpowering aura.

Of course, some rejoiced while others were worried.

After the board meeting concluded, Mark returned to his office.

Upon seeing the desk full of documents waiting to be signed, he began boiling with rage.

With a swing of his hand, all the items on the desk went flying and landed on the floor. His secretary, who heard the noise, could only tremble in fear.

At that moment, Ashley showed up.

She had nowhere to go after she was released, so she took shelter temporarily at Fabian’s place.

When she caught wind that Finnick went to Norton Corporation, she grew anxious and rushed over.

“What are you doing here?” Mark huffed.

“I’m here to see if anything happened.”

“Of course there is!” Mark bellowed, “It’s all thanks to you and your foolish plans. That’s why Finnick was able to barge in on our board meeting! If it weren’t for the child in your womb, I wouldn’t have to give up my company shares. You’re an incompetent idiot! How dare you come to see me?”

All those scolding only made her detest Vivian more.

All of a sudden, a new plan came to mind.

“Calm down,” said Ashley as she attempted to appease Mark. “I’ve thought of a new plan. I’m confident this will deal a heavy blow to Vivian and Finnick. Listen…”

Ashley leaned over to whisper in Mark’s ear and revealed her new plan.

Mark’s expression softened. Reluctantly, he agreed to her scheme. “I’ll trust you one last time. This time, there would better be no mishaps.”

On the other side, Finnick arrived at his new office in Norton Corporation. It was well-furnished and looked as though Finnick had already settled in long ago.

Xavier walked in and casually plopped himself onto the sofa, then turned to look at Finnick, who was seated on the chair.

“Look at your smug attitude earlier on. You’re not afraid Mark would devise a scheme seeking vengeance?”

“Xavier, how long do you think I’ve been hiding?” Finnick abruptly questioned, staring at him earnestly.

Xavier thought hard about it and answered, “It’s been close to a decade.”

“Yeah. It’s been almost ten years,” Finnick sighed. “It’s time for me to do something.”

His response stunned Xavier.

As he studied Finnick’s expression, he began to wonder to himself. Mark’s done for this time…

On the other end, Vivian was feeling much better.

She felt it was time for her to return. So, she informed Finnick, then rescinded the leave she took from Fabian earlier.

The next day, Finnick instructed Noah to drive Vivian to the magazine company. After he left, Vivian took the elevator up on her own.

“Morning, Vivian. Are you here to report to work?” The receptionist Jeanette hurriedly greeted her, albeit in shock.

“Yes. Since I’m almost fully recovered, I thought it better to resume work. So, I’m back.”

Vivian flashed Jeanette a small smile and entered the premises.

“Vivian!” exclaimed Sarah, who was the first to notice her arrival.

Her shrill voice alerted everyone to Vivian’s presence. They paused the work on hand and diverted their attention to the entrance.

The scrutiny made Vivian instantly feel like she was an animal trapped in an enclosure. With all eyes on her, she endured the awkwardness and said, “Hi everyone, I’m back.”

However, they only shot her a glance before they returned to their work.

The only reply came from Shannon, who was eager to insult her.

“Wow! The esteemed wife of the Finnor Group’s president is here to report to work. How kind of you to grace our humble magazine company with your presence. Why didn’t you just remain at home and revel in your extravagant lifestyle?”

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