Never Late, Never Away Chapter 317

“At least I love my work and I yearn to return,” Vivian snapped back without hesitation.

“Whoa, you almost had me there! If you were really that capable, why don’t you secure this interview?” Shannon challenged.

She had faith that the latest interview assignment would be hers.

Just then, Vivian noticed that everyone was working unexpectedly hard.

It is not the season for interviews and there are no major headlines of late. Why is everyone so occupied?

As she pondered about it, she turned to find out more from Sarah.

“What have you guys been busy with?”

Vivian’s question unleashed Sarah’s inner chatterbox as she began to prattle on about the latest assignment.

“Vivian, your return could not be more timely. You’ve heard of Elaine—the renowned designer who just got back from abroad, right?”

With all her time and energy fixed on dealing with Ashley, Vivian hadn’t had the mood to care about all these.

She racked her brains for an answer to no avail. Despondently, she replied, “Um… I haven’t been keeping up with the news… I don’t know much.”

“It’s ok,” said Sarah with a smile. She was in a cheery mood despite Vivian’s unenthusiastic response. “Let me tell you all about this Elaine person. Even though she was born and bred locally, she overcame all sorts of hurdles and went on to clinch top prizes in many international competitions. She truly has a flair for design!”

When it came to gossip, Sarah could ramble on for days.

“Unfortunately, she’s always been hiding in the shadows. To date, no media company has ever secured an interview with her or even taken her picture! However, she recently announced that she is open for an exclusive interview. One magazine company of her choice will stand to win a chance at obtaining this special scoop! This is an opportunity of a lifetime that all our industry rivals are fighting for. Look, even the Chief Editor is working hard to get hold of this interview.”

Sarah muttered as she pointed in the direction of Fabian’s office.

Just as the entire office was buzzing with anticipation, Fabian stepped out.

“Everyone, please be quiet. I have some good news.”

The Chief Editor’s order stopped everyone in their tracks. Silence filled the air as everyone turned to look at him, their eyes glistening with hope.

He coughed lightly and began to speak, “The good news is that Elaine has agreed to accept an interview by our magazine company.”

Everyone cheered upon hearing his announcement.

Then, they began speculating who was the lucky interviewer.

Shannon haughtily lifted her chin to look at Fabian while imagining how bright her future would be after the interview.

“The person who will be in charge of Elaine’s interview this time…” Fabian’s voice began to trail as he surveyed the office. Next, he looked straight into Vivian’s eyes and announced, “Is Vivian.”

His words were like a slap in the face for Shannon. She felt mortified by his declaration.

That interview was already in the bag! Why? Why did this great honor go to Vivian the moment she returns? Ugh!

“Chief Editor, I object!” Shannon cried out snobbishly. The whole office turned to glance at her.

“There’s nothing to object about. This is an order and the final arrangement. Unless you want the whole magazine company to go downhill because of your discontent, I suggest you keep your emotions in check,” Fabian chided.

That silenced Shannon. She bit hard on her lower lips and glowered at Vivian. Her eyes were filled with resentment and indignation.

Vivian felt a pair of eyes glaring at her and turned to look, but Shannon had already regained her composure.

When everybody heard the news, they all heaved a sigh. The atmosphere grew tense as the staff members looked bemused.

Why is Vivian chosen for the interview?

If it is based on qualifications and experiences, she is definitely unqualified.

Could it be because of her notable identity as Mrs. Norton of the Finnor Group?

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