Never Late, Never Away Chapter 318

At the thought of that, everybody began to look at Vivian with jealousy and disdain.

Yet, due to her being Mrs. Norton, everyone felt compelled to congratulate her. “Wow, that’s wonderful. We’re counting on you, Vivian.”

“Congrats, Vivian!” exclaimed Sarah as she beamed from the bottom of her heart.

To her, Vivian was a much better choice as compared to those colleagues who were absolute hypocrites.

“Thanks,” Vivian murmured in response. However, all she could think about was the abrupt announcement.

What is Fabian scheming? Why would he give me this opportunity?

“What’s the reason you did that?”

Vivian followed Fabian into his office. With a frown, she questioned, “Fabian, are you pulling my leg?”

She didn’t mean to think ill of him, but her recent assignments had proven that Fabian always had an ulterior motive when it came to her tasks.

“What?” Fabian was perplexed by her sudden interrogation, only realizing what she meant when he saw her defensive expression.

He found the situation comical.

Has it come to a point where everything I do or say is going to warrant suspicion? Am I no longer worthy of her trust? I suppose I only have myself to blame for the regression in our relationship. I hurt her far too deep…

However, an explanation was still necessary.

“You’ve misunderstood me,” Fabian chuckled bitterly as he explained, “Elaine was the one who specifically asked for you.”

Afraid his words were not going to be enough to prove it, he fished out his phone and showed Vivian the text messages between Elaine and himself.

Vivian reached out to take his phone and started to scroll down the conversation. When she realized she misjudged him, she awkwardly uttered, “I’m truly sorry for the mistake.”

“It’s fine. To be honest, even I’m clueless as to why she specifically asked for you. She asked if you were from our magazine company. When I confirmed it, she instantly consented to the interview. I found it odd but I couldn’t find a reason why. So, just be careful.”

In all honesty, Fabian himself was unaware of why Elaine did all that.

But the magazine company had been in a slump for a while. Elaine’s interview was their best bet at resurgence, so they had to take it seriously.

No matter the reason, it was a must for Vivian to attend the interview.

Should they offend Elaine, the future of the magazine company would be even bleaker.

“Fine,” Vivian replied. She understood the significance of the interview and her role in it.

However, she remained puzzled. I don’t even know this Elaine person. Why did she even ask for me?

Even though Fabian didn’t publicize Elaine’s preference, the news still traveled. By the end of lunch, the whole office was in the loop.

That confounded everybody further. They couldn’t comprehend what it was about Vivian that the mysterious and elusive Elaine had to designate her as the interviewer.

Several colleagues still attempted to flatter Vivian.

“Wow, you truly live up to your title as Mrs. Norton. What special connections you have…”

Another person chimed in, “Yeah! Run-of-the-mill folks like us could never have achieved that.”

Despite having reservations about Elaine’s intentions, Vivian still felt the need to fulfill her duties and attend the interview.

So she decided to put in the effort to prepare for it.

To ensure she was well-prepared for the interview, Vivian specially searched the Internet about her.

Sarah’s disclosure was accurate. Elaine was indeed very secretive.

There were no photographs of her, neither was her real name reported. The only information that she could find was the many pages detailing her exceptional work.

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