Never Late, Never Away Chapter 321

“Is there something wrong with everyone today? You’re all being so weird. All the things you’re saying are out of the ordinary. Am I missing something?”

“What? Vivian, do you not know?” Fabian glanced at her in shock.

“Is there something I should know?” She looked back at him in bewilderment. Could there be something that everyone knows and I don’t? Something related to me?

“Did you not look at your phone today?” Fabian found it bizarre. According to Vivian’s daily routine, scrolling Twitter in the morning was first on the list. How could she be unaware of the news?

Is she feigning ignorance? At the thought of that, Fabian shook his head. How could that be?

“No, my phone spoilt after the water went in last night. I tried switching it on to no avail. I’ve yet to get it fixed. I was actually planning on going later after work. Why?”

“I see.”

Everything made sense now.

Because her phone was down, she didn’t get to surf Twitter in the morning. That was why she didn’t know what happened.

Maybe that’s for the better. If she sees the news, she is going to be devastated.

Despite feeling that way, Fabian still felt she had the right to know about the issue. There was no good in keeping her in the dark.

He took his phone out and pulled up the news that was published that morning. Then he passed the phone to Vivian.

She reached over to take it. Her brows furrowed upon realizing the reason behind everybody’s strange looks and occasional sighs.

Breaking news!

Mrs. Norton committed adultery! The president of Finnor Group, Mr. Finnick Norton, lost the ability to have children after becoming disabled. He’s been made into a cuckold!

As it turned out, somebody posted on Twitter that morning saying that the president of the Finnor Group, Finnick Norton, was infertile due to his disability. There was a chance he wouldn’t be able to bear offspring.

What a preposterous claim. Even though people see him seated in a wheelchair, they can’t possibly think that way. Vivian felt it was incredulous that people had such wild conjectures.

The post continued to say: More importantly, Vivian Norton was once pregnant.

Unfortunately, everyone was unaware that her pregnancy was bogus. It was all a scheme that Ashley plotted.

Everybody bought into that and really thought that Vivian was truly pregnant and had a miscarriage.

People then put two and two together. The news of Finnick’s sterility along with Vivian’s pregnancy led people to believe that she actually went and conceived a child with some other man.

When she reached the comments section of the post, she saw that the majority of the people were hurling insults at her and feeling unjust for Finnick.

One random user: Mr. Norton is so pitiful! Vivian Norton, why won’t you treasure his unconditional love?

Another random user: Stupid b*tch Vivian Norton! How dare you trample his love for you? Can’t believe you even cheated on him.

Another random user: I hate you, Vivian Norton! Shameless s*ut.

The spiteful comments were incessant. Every comment was harsher than the previous one.

Vivian looked at the comments in shock and felt enraged. She turned to look at Fabian and asked, “Oh my goodness. How could they talk about us like that? Fabian, do you know who the culprit behind the original post is?”

Fabian shook his head. “I still don’t know yet. This is from an anonymous forum that’s well-known in the industry. They’ve never revealed their sources. I’ve tried checking their webpage and hacking into the system to no avail. There’s really nothing I can do.”

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