Never Late, Never Away Chapter 322

Fabian wanted to clear Vivian’s name so badly from all those nasty comments.

All of a sudden, an idea flashed into his mind.

“Vivian. Uncle Finnick… Is it true that Uncle Finnick is impotent? Then, you and him… “

Before Fabian could finish his sentence, Vivian interrupted sternly. “Bullsh*t! Of course, it’s not true!” Vivian gave Fabian a death stare.

It suddenly dawned on Vivian that what Finnick had been through for the past ten years.

Those rumors had given him a really hard time. He suffered a great loss of dignity as a man. However, he swallowed his pride to protect the people around him as well as to take revenge against the people who had insulted and abused him. All those years, he had been struggling emotionally. Yet, nobody was there for him. He was there to face those challenges all alone.

Vivian felt the need to see Finnick at that moment. She wanted to hug him and give him strength so desperately.

You’ve been through a lot for the past ten years!

She couldn’t wait any longer. All Vivian wanted was to be in front of Finnick right then.

She had no intention of talking with Fabian anymore. No matter what she said, nobody was going to believe her or Finnick anyway.

“There’s something I need to take care of, so I might need to take the day off.”

After her speech, she left his office angrily.

Right after Vivian left, everyone in the magazine company erupted into a fierce discussion.

“Hey, did you see that? Someone is ashamed…”

“Perhaps her attempt to get Mr. Norton to rescue her had failed. Hahaha…”

The crowd stopped their discussion when Vivian gave them an angry stare. However, they couldn’t help but give Vivian an odd stare. Vivian couldn’t even stay at the magazine company a minute longer.

She decided to rush to Finnor Group as soon as possible and ask Finnick for answers immediately. She had to figure out who was the mastermind behind everything.

After she went downstairs, Vivian took a taxi to Finnor Group. As expected, everybody in the company strangely looked at her. They must have seen the news.

“Look! There she comes. Mrs. Norton is here. She seems to be rushing. Do you think the news is true?”

“I think so. After all, Mr. Norton is a cripple. It’s hard to tell.”

“I thought she was pregnant before? So, who’s the father? I remember Mr. Norton was quite happy at that time. It shouldn’t be… “

“Who knows? You should know that cats hide their claws.”

“Stop it. She’s getting closer. What if she overheard our conversation?”

They gathered in small groups and discussed amongst themselves. They kept looking at her occasionally as if they were afraid that she would find out.

She had no time to take care of the way they looked at her and all those rumors. In no time, Vivian took Finnick’s private elevator and went to his office right away.


At that moment, the only thing in her mind was to see Finnick… She didn’t care about any other things.

Even the secretary outside his office was unwilling to greet her and let her in directly. Vivian didn’t mind that either.

The secretary couldn’t help but think of the news as she saw Vivian walking in anxiously. She must be here to explain herself to Mr. Norton. I feel so sorry for him…

Even though Finnick was disabled, he was a good man. He had been treating his employees well all the time, even towards a low-ranking staff like her.

The last time when he found out that Vivian was pregnant, Finnick was thrilled. It seemed to be against his cool image. Mr. Norton must be heartbroken to know this!

As she thought about that, she couldn’t help but gave Vivian a dirty look.

Meanwhile, Finnick was signing some documents when Vivian stepped in.

Seeing Finnick being hard at work, Vivian felt a sense of relief all of a sudden. So what if nobody is going to believe us? Nothing matters as long as we trust each other.

As if Finnick was telepathic, he looked up and saw Vivian standing at the door.

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