Never Late, Never Away Chapter 324

Finnick jokingly said, “Isn’t it too late to be embarrassed? Who was the one that… “

“Shut up, Finnick!” As she heard that, Vivian quickly covered Finnick’s mouth with her hands to stop him from saying anything.

Finnick wasn’t like that before. She used to think that he was an elegant and well-mannered gentleman. Never did she expect that he could be the opposite in private.

However, Vivian couldn’t deny that she actually liked this side of Finnick. Nobody would ever have the chance to see that side of Finnick. It only belonged to her exclusively.

Finnick really enjoyed looking at how nervous and annoyed Vivian was. He felt a rush of warmth in his heart, like warm sunlight hitting him on a cold winter’s day. His mind was at ease.

After that, he left a kiss in the palm of Vivian’s hand and looked at her with a smile.

Vivian couldn’t help but feel her heart pounding at Finnick’s action. She lowered her head in embarrassment and avoided his gaze.

Finnick knew her very well. He understood that if he kept on messing with Vivian, she might get mad. Hence, he didn’t say anything further but held her close in his arms with a gentle smile.

After a long while, Vivian was able to calm herself down. Suddenly, she remembered the reason she came.

She lifted her head and stared at Finnick seriously. “Do you have any idea about what’s going on with the morning news?”

Finnick had been calm since she got there. Thus, she thought Finnick might know what happened.

He mulled over it for a while, thinking whether he should let Vivian know the truth. Finnick didn’t want her to be worried about all those things. He only wanted her to be happy by his side, but not being hurt by rumors.

However, Vivian had the right to know as she was involved in it. Furthermore, if he told her, she would be extra cautious in the future. It was actually a good way to prevent her from getting hurt by people with bad intentions.

As he stared at Vivian’s curious look, he said, “I guess I know who is behind all of these.”

“You really do? Who is it? Why is he spreading such rumors?” Upon hearing Finnick’s words, Vivian got agitated immediately. She desperately wanted to know who was the one that slandered them.

Finnick smiled at her. He loved the way she worried for him. It showed that he was an important person in her life.

Finnick didn’t answer her question. Instead, he asked, “Who could it be? Who has been making all the effort to destroy us all this while?”

Vivian thought about it for a while. Finnick’s words meant that the person who did this wasn’t targeting them for the first time. Could it be…

Even though she was unwilling to believe it, she guessed tentatively. “Could it be Ashley and Mark?”

“I suppose so. I can’t think of anyone else except for them,” Finnick sneered.

Did they think that I wouldn’t find out? Ha! They are clearly underestimating me! There is nothing in this world that I couldn’t find out if I wanted to.

Last time, he was kind enough to let them off easily and decided to drop the whole thing. Not only were they unrepentant, but they also became worse. Hence, he would not go easy on them anymore.

He would never again let them hurt Vivian and himself.

Upon hearing Finnick’s words, Vivian couldn’t hold in her anger anymore.

So it is them again. How can they do this to me and Finnick repeatedly? What is their purpose? One is Finnick’s biological brother, and the other is my biological sister. How can they do this to their sibling? Do they only care about their personal benefits?

Vivian was truly mad. Finnick held her hands and comforted her, “To be frank, I knew they are not going to give up so easily. Based on Mark’s personality and his style of doing things, he will not let us off easily. They will definitely think of ways to take revenge against me. But, I’m ready now. They are not going to cause any harm to us anymore. You don’t have to worry.”

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