Never Late, Never Away Chapter 326

When they arrived at the restaurant, Vivian helped Finnick to get out of the car. The usher outside the door welcomed them warmly as soon as he saw them.

“Mr. Norton, are you coming for a meal with Mrs. Norton? We have a private room upstairs.” The usher quickly asked when he saw Finnick’s wheelchair, “Do you need help? I’ll get someone right away.”

Upon speaking, the usher tried to push his wheelchair.

“It’s fine. I’ll take care of it.” Vivian tilted her body to avoid the action.

The other guests couldn’t help but sigh as they saw the way those ushers treated Finnick and Vivian. They had never experienced such warm reception before. However, those ushers didn’t care about how they thought.

After all, he was Finnick Norton. If he were happy, the revenue of the restaurant would be a few times higher. Thus, their pay would definitely be a few times higher as well. So, how could they not be friendly towards Finnick?

“It’s alright. We’ll just stay on the first floor for a while,” Finnick answered calmly.

“Sure, sure! This way, please.” The usher bowed politely and welcomed them.

Vivian wheeled Finnick into the restaurant. In fact, she still didn’t quite understand the reason for being there. They didn’t come here for a meal often. Furthermore, it wasn’t mealtime then.

But she was feeling a little bit hungry. Perhaps… I’ve used up all my energy back in the office.

Vivian’s face blushed at the thought. It reminded Finnick what happened earlier as well when he looked up and saw the red blush on Vivian’s face. His lips curled into a smirk.

Finnick told Vivian to push him to a table at the corner of the restaurant. It was a quiet and private area with a partition screen there.

“Finnick, why are we here?”

“You’ll find out soon.” He looked at the other side with his dark eyes.

Vivian was confused. She followed his gaze and saw the people on the other side. Instantly, the anger in her chest started burning.

Mark, Fabian, and Ashley were sitting somewhere not far from them and eating.

Vivian wanted to step forward and question them at that moment. She desperately wanted to know why they did such a thing. I don’t understand. After all, we are a family. How could they be so heartless? Did they have to drive Finnick up to the wall?

Finnick grabbed Vivian right in time. “Calm down. They will begin to quarrel among themselves in a bit.”

“Huh?” Vivian didn’t understand what he was trying to say, but she trusted Finnick. Therefore, she stopped and waited for Finnick’s instruction.

Finnick grabbed her hand and made her sit beside him. “Soon, you’ll know.”

Vivian looked at Finnick’s confident expression. Then, she turned and took a glance at Fabian, Mark, and Ashley. She sat beside Finnick silently and waited patiently for what was going to happen next.

On the other side, Fabian was obviously unhappy. The last thing he wanted to do was to let Ashley have a meal together with his father.

Meanwhile, Ashley looked extremely happy. She was trying so hard to please both the father and son.

“Mr. Norton, have a taste of this. It’s delicious.” Ashley passed Mark the dishes attentively. “Fabian, have a try too.”

She was in a good mood that day after seeing those angry tweets about Vivian on Twitter. Hence, she was having a good appetite.

On the contrary, Mark appeared calm.

Mark and Ashley were having a discussion. They couldn’t imagine how embarrassing Finnick would be once the news was released.

Fabian’s face was full of worries, “Will it be too much to Vivian?”

“What do you know?” Mark reprimanded upon hearing Fabian. “You’re so soft-hearted! How are you going to achieve something great?”

Fabian wanted to refute his words. After much thought, he decided to swallow his words. He knew that it’s useless to say anything. However, he had made up his mind to protect Vivian.

Meanwhile, Vivian and Finnick remained seated at the hidden corner. Fabian and the rest couldn’t see them, but Vivian and Finnick could see them very clearly.

All of a sudden, Fabian received a call.

“Hello, what’s the matter?” The person on the other line said something to Fabian. His facial expression changed instantly. “What? Is that true? Are you serious? Are you sure? It can’t be! What exactly is going on? Did you check properly? Are you sure it is not a mistake?”

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