Never Late, Never Away Chapter 329

But in a twist of fate, her pain also brought her and her future husband together.

She smiled upon realizing this, thinking how lucky she was that Finnick appeared at the right place and at the right time two years back.

Across her, the said man sniggered at the saga that had just unfolded. “This is just the beginning. I’ll be sure to deal with Mark too and make him pay.”

“Mm,” Vivian responded with relief that she was on the same side as Finnick. After all, the man was merciless when it came to revenge, as evident.

“Okay, the show’s over. Let’s dig in!” There was no trace of sympathy or guilt in the man’s countenance. It was almost as if executing all these ploys was a mere walk in the park.

The waiter noted Finnick’s signal and came over to take the couple’s orders. “… And we’ll get this. Thanks. Also, do you mind getting that hysterical lady out of the restaurant? It’s kind of annoying.”

“I’ll see to it, Mr. Norton.”

In a moment’s time, Ashley was evicted from the premise despite great reluctance. The lady screamed her lungs out like a patient from the mental hospital—a stark contrast from her usual elegant appearance.

Vivian’s mind wheeled in a flurry of emotions as she had her meal. On one hand, she wanted Ashley to feel the agony she felt in the past. On the other hand, she could not help but feel taken aback by how cruel Finnick could be. After all, the man took away what Ashley needed the most. It was equivalent to switching off her life support.

By the time she reached home, Vivian felt nothing but lethargy.

On the following day, Vivian had an errand—conducting an interview with the popular designer, Elaine.

Elaine had her own work studio in a small alley located in the bustling city center, where the land was considerably expensive to purchase.

When Vivian arrived, the first thing she noticed was the workplace’s classy décor. The sleek design exuded a sense of sophistication. The next thing she realized was how relatively empty the studio was that day.

She was soon directed to the meeting room upon arriving. Not before long, the star of the interview arrived.

“Apologies for the wait, Ms. William.”

Elaine stepped into the room and greeted her. The designer boasted a clean shoulder-length hairstyle that complemented the outline of her face aptly. Her outfit for the day was a simple white formal top and wide-cut black pants, giving off an air of elegance that resembled the workplace’s interior design. To top it off, the lady had a pleasant voice that suited her unmatched beauty.

Vivian was awed by how she looked even more charming in real life as compared to the photos she saw online. No compliments could sufficiently justify the living perfection she was seeing.

And her portfolio is amazing! Whoever marries her in the future must be extremely lucky. If I were a man, I would marry her without hesitation too. She’s simply the cream of the crop amongst all the beauties there are out there.

Though, an odd sense of déjà vu bothered her. Vivian thought Elaine looked familiar, but she could not pinpoint how she could have ever met her before.

Moreover, if Vivian did meet Elaine before, she would definitely have an impression of her, given how unforgettable she looked.

I need to stop my overthinking.

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